4 startups working with the Government to tap more opportunities into their space

With technological and other significant advancements, India has become a leader in the Startup sector. In recent years, India has successfully created a robust ecosystem for Startups and Entrepreneurs. The Economic Survey 2021-22 released earlier this year showed India as home to the third-largest Startup ecosystem in the World with c.60,000 startups and c.100 unicorns operating in the country. Though each of them might not have optimal resources to sustain in this highly competitive environment, innovation is the key driver of growth for them. The Indian government has also been an ardent supporter of Startups and has introduced various programs and initiatives that include training, financial, and other essentials for entrepreneurs and startups to fuel growth.

In this context, there is a bouquet of innovative and impactful Startups that are working closely with the Government to enable world-class citizen services. 4 Startups are in EdTech, Cyber Security, AgriTech, and Startup Acceleration. They have joined hands with the government to drive change at the grass-root level of Society.

Ed4All (EdTech)

Member of London-based AdiGroup, Ed4All is a visionary self-funded startup incorporated in 2020 that brings a comprehensive, advanced, sustainable, and inclusive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Learning, Skilling, Testing, and Jobs platform. With the objective of partnering with the Government and ensuring long-term growth capital in the Education Sector, Ed4All has taken an unconventional route with the time-tested Public-Private Partnership Model (PPP) to deliver NextGen Education and make India job-ready for the 21st Century.

Powered by core technology from Microsoft, Ed4All has developed BLEAP® for K-12 Learners and learnEd® for higher education and vocational Learners on Azure stack as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Ed4All is the Edtech startup in India that has chosen to partner solely with Governments (Centrally and States) to deliver Learning, Skilling, Testing, and Job outcomes. The Firm complements the existing educational system by enabling students to learn core curriculum anytime, anywhere and develop new-age technical skills to improve their employability, regardless of their physical or learning abilities. Ed4All views the Indian Education sector as a 100-year growth story and is committed to achieving its vision of reimagining education, and jobs for all.


SatSure (Agri-tech)

Founded in early 2016, SatSure has been at the forefront of bringing the best practices of satellite image processing, big data capabilities, and IT to agriculture. It also strives to create a positive impact on the lives of farmers by helping improve crop insurance, innovate on Agri lending services, and improve market linkages by creating intervention and decision intelligence frameworks for Agri value chain stakeholders. The startup has mobile app platforms for delivering information on supply statistics of crops and crop stressing in their region. This helps with the decisions on what to sow when to irrigate or add fertilizers or prepare for harvest.

Currently, the startup’s solutions are being used by the Andhra Pradesh Government. Large banks and insurance companies in India are also leveraging SatSure’s solutions. NITI Aayog supported the startup through initiatives like the Grand Agriculture Challenge which further validates our belief that data mining and analysis are of high value to the agriculture sector.


WiJungle (Cyber Security)

Launched in October 2014 by Karmesh Gupta and Praveen Gupta, Gurugram-based network security platform WiJungle enables organizations to secure and strengthen their entire network through a single window. The AI and ML-driven security platform offer a comprehensive security stack encompassing multiple standalone solutions like network firewall, web application firewall, hotspot gateway, SD-WAN, data leakage prevention, and vulnerability assessment, among others.

Its AI-powered capability and unified single-window network management ability empower enterprises to streamline their cybersecurity operations cost-effectively.

WiJungle is currently serving the government and private giants across industry verticals like hospitality, healthcare, education, defense, transportation, retail, BFSI, and ITES, among others in pan India. The startup also professes that it has mitigated over three billion cyber threats and served 1500+ customers so far.


India Accelerator (Startup Accelerator)

India Accelerator (IA) is the leading Seed Accelerator, started in March 2017, one of the leading startup accelerators in the country & one of the fastest-growing in Asia. It aims to be the spawning ground for new, emerging Tech start-ups. The selected start-ups receive not only seed funding, advice & mentoring, and connections but also all the other critical inputs required to enable them to be launched successfully.

IA is also a part of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), a highly selective group of 100 odd top accelerators in the world. IA model closely follows that of TechStars and other internationally-known accelerators. IA model closely follows that of TechStars and other internationally-known accelerators.

They have tied up with many government bodies to help the startup ecosystem like I hub Gujarat, IIT Kanpur, IIT BHU, and many other governments.


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