Aayush Food and Herbs Ltd. transforms into Aayush Wellness Ltd.

New Delhi, 13th June 2024: Aayush Food and Herbs Ltd, a listed, leading organization in the herbal and food products industry, is excited to announce its transformation into Aayush Wellness Ltd to reflect its commitment to providing holistic health and wellness solutions across the globe.

The company has received shareholder’s approval for a change of name to “Aayush Wellness Limited” and has applied to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for its final approval.

Over the years, Aayush Food and Herbs Ltd has established itself as a trusted provider of internationally high-quality food-oriented products. With the increasing demand for integrated wellness solutions, the company recognized the need to broaden its scope and cater to the evolving needs of its customers. Aayush Wellness Ltd will now encompass a wider range of products and services, including advanced nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, functional and health foods, and therapeutic solutions, specifically formulated to support physiological well-being, address the root cause of problems, and provide essential nutritional supplementation to.

Mr. Naveena Kumar Kunjaru, Managing Director of Aayush Wellness Ltd said, ” With the increasing demand for integrated wellness solutions we aim to combine Modern Science-backed solutions with traditional Natural ingredients that resonate with our company name and vision of AAYUSH and this rebranding mirrors our holistic approach to wellness and our resolve to deliver top-tier, clinically researched, scientifically-backed & nutrition-rich health and wellness solutions”.

As the focus on preventive healthcare has drastically increased post the COVID-19 pandemic majorly changing people’s attitudes towards their health, and the masses are now taking proactive steps to improve their overall well-being through nutritional supplements and other wellness remedies. The growth of this industry is evidence of its impact.

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