Amplus Solar to include Tata Motors Ltd.’s ACE EV in its clean mobility fleet

Amplus Solar’s Electric Mobility vertical has entered an MoU with Tata Motors Limited regarding the procurement of the all-new revolutionary Ace EV, strengthening its fleet for clean mobility solutions. As part of it’s clean mobility solutions, Amplus Solar provides electric vehicle fleets for cargo delivery to the nation’s top e-commerce, on-demand logistics and other companies on various subscription models. Ace EV is the electric version of the ever-popular Ace and is among India’s most advanced, zero-emission, four-wheel small commercial vehicles (SCV):a green and smart transport solution.

The agreement is a critical leap forward in Amplus’s drive towards promoting clean mobility. Mr. Abhishek Dabas, Chief Operating Officer, for Amplus Solar’s clean mobility solutions said “Electric mobility holds the potential to disrupt the existing logistics and transportation industry. At Amplus, the scope of this disruption is even stronger as we operate our fleets by leveraging the best technology, thereby eliminating inefficiencies, and reducing existing delivery costs. Tata Motors Limited’s ACE EV will be a phenomenal addition to our fleet, and we hope to achieve the collective goal of zero-carbon cargo mobility in India.”

Amplus Solar to include Tata Motors Ltd.s ACE EV in its clean mobility fleet

About Amplus Solar’s Electric Mobility vertical Amplus Solar’s electric mobility verticalis a 100% subsidiary of Amplus Solar Singapore and is headquartered in Gurugram, India. It aims to ramp up operations to 1,000+ electric vehicles by the end of 2022 with a mix of two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheeler vehicles in its portfolio. At 1,000 vehicles, that translates to a daily 1,00,000+ clean km with a CO2offset of 20+ tonnes.

The brand already has more than a dozen parking & charging hubs which are used by its partners to deliver goods to their clients. This takes away not just the range anxiety in terms of the geographic span of operation but also gives longer operational hours. As part of its expansion from hundreds to thousands of vehicles, this captive charging infra will continue to grow. Once it has reached a requisite scale, this charging infra will be opened for public charging as EV penetration increases in the market.

Amplus Solar is a member of the Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) group, Malaysia. PETRONAS recently announced that it will set up a new, independent entity focused fully on cleaner energy solutions and will capture opportunities in the energy transition alongside its core portfolio. The new entity will provide customers with lower carbon solutions through three initial core offerings –renewables, hydrogen and green mobility.

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