Best Power Equipments (BPE) won Business Excellence Award

New Delhi, 19 July 2022: India’s manufacturer of end-to-end strategic power solutions, BPE (Best Power Equipments) recently won and sponsored the Business Excellence Award in association with the BCE (Business Club of Entrepreneurs) to celebrate the achievement of employers, employees, and best business practices. The event received an encouraging footfall of over 600 people, showcasing more than twelve brands.

Companies from across the country participated to come together and recognize the hard work done by the most sincere professionals in the business. Dedicated people who demonstrated excellent performance in their respective fields and professions were honored at the event. BPE partook in this celebration of business excellence and also won an award.

Mr. Amitansu Satpathy Director of BPE said “Here among the all the industry stalwarts, there flows a shared sense of encouragement and that itself serves the purpose of this event today. We, as industry peers, have seen some grave challenges, but the grit and resilience within each of us and the collective efforts have helped us weather all storms. It is that time when all your hard work pays off.

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