Betterhalf forays into Astrology with the launch of app AstroZodiac

India, February 2023: Betterhalf has recently announced its foray into astrology services with the launch of the AstroZodiac App to augment the user’s matchmaking journey.

Based on our data, astrology is considered one of the key aspects of a user’s matchmaking journey. With the launch of the AstroZodiac app, Betterhalf will open up the world of astrology for users and will serve as a one-stop solution for all their problems related to marriage, love and relationships, career and business, health, finance, etc. So far, we have served 10L users and helped them with their astrology predictions, kundali matching, and talk-to-astrologer service on their core mobile app and website. Backed by ancient Vedic science, the app has three key differentiated features:

  1. 4.5+ rated certified astrologers
  2. 100% privacy to users
  3. Nationally recognized astrologers

Betterhalf forays into Astrology with the launch of app AstroZodiac

These astrologers will go through the user’s planetary movements and accurately assess the impact on their daily life and future. These predictions will help the users make the right decision about critical aspects like marriage and relationships in their life.

Delighted with the launch announcement, Shankar Krishnamurthy – Group Product Manager of Betterhalf said, “AstroZodiac will serve one of the core needs of astrology in the matchmaking journey of users. It will act as a friend in need for all their life issues. With nationally-known certified astrologers by their side, making crucial life decisions will be a lot simpler.”

The AstroZodiac app is a one-stop astrologer calling solution for the life problems of users. The users are required to provide their basic details like Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth as part of signing up in the app.

Ajay Mehta, CEO at Birthdate Co, a personalized gifting platform for astrology books, candles, and jewelry in the US and investor of Betterhalf “Through their app, Betterhalf has already helped hundreds of thousands of users learn about their zodiac signs. With the brilliantly designed AstroZodiac app, the team is taking a leap forward in helping everyday users engage more deeply with their horoscope, to help them with self-reflection, find solutions to critical life issues, and ultimately guide them on their unique life path.”

Every astrologer has a specific call rate per minute. To start a call with an astrologer, a user will have to recharge the Astro wallet linked to their account with a minimum amount equivalent to a call duration of 5 minutes. To continue with the conversation, the user will have to recharge the Astro wallet again with an amount based on the astrologer’s call rate/min and the duration of the call. Each astrologer is specialized in one or many of the different aspects of astrology such as numerology, tarot card reading, palm reading, cartomancy, etc.

Additionally, the users will also be able to view their daily horoscope predictions related to their Zodiac, Nakshatra, and Numerology. Furthermore, the app will also provide the ability to chat with an astrologer along with other features as part of the product roadmap.

AstroZodiac is available for download on the Android platform and will soon be made available to iOS users as well.

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