Contact center solutions we can vouch for

There’s no doubting that contact centers have always been on the cutting edge of innovation, evolving organically with the times. Over the years, performance management, real-time authentication, automation, customer journey analysis, and many other features have been implemented, ranging from simple to multi-skilled workforce management and from voice to omnichannel setup. To ease things for you, we have compiled a list of a few contact center solutions that we can vouch for.


Since 2008, NovelVox has been contributing to the contact center industry, offering varied tools to integrate any industry’s core applications. Designer Studio is one of the company’s flagship products and it was India’s first-ever Agent Desktop Designer Studio with a drag and drop designer in low code model. Understanding the pulse of the industry, the company keeps introducing innovative software solutions to best address the prevailing trends and challenges. NovelVox announced CXInfinity in 2020, an Omni-channel messaging and conversational AI platform that is tailored for all major sectors and uses AI and use-case scenarios to best advise users.


A leading cloud telephony solutions provider in the country, Knowlarity is pretty popular among SMBs, startups as well as large enterprises. It enables businesses to streamline their communication and related processes while storing all the data safely in the cloud. By embracing their cloud telephony solution your business can instantly transform into a smart virtual calling platform with robust technical support. Accessing data stored in the cloud is super easy and so is its maintenance. The software also gives a better glance into callers’ performance and monitors their productivity levels. The company claims to improve employee productivity levels by over 25%.


This India-based company started operations in 2015 and became popular for offering cost-effective contact center solutions. The company offers a varied range of innovative VoIP-based solutions and ensures an excellent return on technological investments of their partners. Their products are user-friendly and easy to integrate. The company pays special attention to its product’s UI/UX and overall aesthetic design to ensure ease of using the products. One of their products called HoduCC has also won laurels for the company for its fantastic performance and results.

Call Hippo

Call Hippo is a cloud-based Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider that integrates cloud computing into telephony. Call Hippo provides local assistance numbers in over 50 countries to startups and enterprises all over the world. A business can set up a contact center in minutes thanks to its simple interface and robust backend architecture. The company deploys and scales a flexible telecommunications network based on internet availability. By replacing desk phones with softphones and removing the complexity of setting up a contact center, the company hopes to simplify the overall profile of callers.


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