Creator economy Platform pluc.Tv launches new Show “Attention please”

22nd July 2021, New Delhi: India’s leading Creator Economy Platform today announced the launch of their new show “Attention Please”. The new show aired on is an attempt to break the stigma/taboo around Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health and will focus on answering the simplest questions like where can one buy sanitary pads? Where do babies come from? These often remain unanswered for most adolescents.

A report by UNICEF highlighted that India has the largest adolescent population in the world, 253 million, and every fifth person is between 10 to 19 years. However, most of them still deal with the stigma and lack of information related to their own sexual health.

The debut episode of Attention Please has already crossed 2 million views through Pluc.TV’s multi-channel platform networks. In the episode, we meet Nisha, a peer educator, and first-time creator. Based in New Delhi she has trained over 250 people on sex education and is now using the power of mobile storytelling to reach more audiences.

“Creating videos just brought me so much confidence in doing my work as a peer educator. I feel more young girls will be able to trust me just like their own siblings if I share such videos with them” Nisha said.

Speaking on the launch of the new show, Tamseel Hussain, Founder & CEO of Pluc.TV said “Comprehensive sexuality education in India has been viewed as being at odds most of the time. The absence of accessible, non-judgmental, and private adolescent-friendly information often affects young girls and boys struggling to comprehend the complexities of adolescence.  Through this show, we intend to equip young people with the knowledge and information they need to determine and enjoy their health and wellbeing. Like Nisha, there are so many people in India who have amazing stories to share but lack the resources to tell them. That’s what we want to change “

Pluc.TV, in April this year organized a training session with a local partner for adolescents (between ages of 15 to 19 years) from the different villages located in the NCR region. It was a mixed group including male and female teenagers who were taught about sexual & reproductive health and rights and mobile storytelling. The mic (the smartphone actually) has now been handed over to the same adolescents, peer educators and frontline workers who’ll be sharing their experiences first hand in this series and initiate the conversation about adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

“So many things happen to girls when they hit puberty like menstruation, increase in the size of hips, body hair, acne or even irritability, same goes for boys from their bodies to their voice so many things change. But I am still not fully aware of so many things and I feel a full understanding of SRH will really help me understand our bodies better” says Gauri, an adolescent featured in the series.

“With new episodes releasing every week, this series explores what it means to have information about sexual and reproductive health rights, how to enable more adolescents to find safe spaces, what are the current gaps and how to bridge it through peer support and community-driven conversations that normalize SRH” Hussain concluded.

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