Feedback sharing app ‘Clink’ launched by Dockabl with USD 500K project investment


  • Clink is now live on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for users
  • The platform extends free membership to first 10,000 users for Clink’s team++ plan
  • With Clink, Dockabl plans to foray into Southeast Asian and North American markets by September 2020

India, 23rd July 2020: Addressing a visible need-gap in digital collaboration, Dockabl – one of the HR Tech Startups based out of India – announces the launch of ‘Clink’, feedback sharing mobile application. Clink helps in the continuous performance and development of teams by sharing, organizing, and analyzing feedback in real-time. Dockabl has raised USD 1.3 Million till date out of which they made an initial investment of USD 500k amount in building the new product. Clink plans to foray into Southeast Asian and North American markets by September 2020.

Clink helps organizations and teams to advance themselves on a higher growth trajectory. It does so by improving their feedback sharing in real-time and unlocking relevant actionable insights. Clink aims to reach 50,000 users by September 2020 and 1 million globally by June 2021. The app is now live on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for teams. Clink has extended a free membership to first 10,000 users for Clink’s  team++ plan

Some of its highlights include:

  • ‘Cheer’ and ‘Boost’ framework: The framework enables recognition and constructive feedback, thereby driving holistic engagement and effectiveness.
  • Plug-ins for Gmail and Slack: The plug-ins enable employees to curate and organize relevant feedback onto Clink. The platform is building similar plug-ins for  Microsoft Teams and Outlook.
  • Integrations with Jira and Google Calendar: Clink automates feedback requests on the completion of tasks, projects, or meetings from relevant stakeholders.
  • Analytics and Insights: Based on proprietary algorithms, NLP, and AI, Clink gives its users actionable and accurate feedback. The approach empowers them to perform better and nurture their skills.

Commenting on the launch, Samarth Masson, Co-founder at Dockabl & Clink, said “In Oct 2019, during a product design war room, our team reached a pivotal conclusion, to build a feedback sharing app. We had three big reasons for this decision. Firstly, almost all HR Tech start-ups were building OKR. Yet, no one could crack continuous performance. Secondly, feedback from clients was to make the process simple & more integrated. Lastly, there is a need to build a culture of feedback sharing. Platforms need to be able to support these workflows. We then decided to take things head-on and solve one problem. Enabling feedback sharing to encourage continuous performance.”

Clink is ideal for the global remote working needs during the New Normal. The lack of face-to-face feedback has created a considerable void for teams and organizations at present. Clink aims to address this void and redefine the evolution of feedback sharing within organizations. Its analytics and insights are built on proprietary algorithms along with NLP and AI. The approach gives accurate and actionable feedback to across-the-board stakeholders.

The application also creates a work-life score based on the performance of an individual. Any team member can create a public or private project using Clink. They can also receive ‘Upvotes’ on the project feed and share key recognitions on social media including Facebook and LinkedIn.

“Clink has already executed pilots with organizations such as Rentomojo, Bajaj Finserv, TSMG, KPMG, Think Talent, Vahura, Razorpay to name a few. Through word-of-mouth Clink has also secured confirmations to go live with teams in organizations such as Chqbook, BluSmart, Ivy Mobility, Career Partners International (North America).” addedSanjeev Grover, Co-founder at Dockabl & Clink.

About Dockabl

Dockabl is an employee experience platform that enables organizations to drive business performance and culture. Via Dockabl, organizations can transition to a continuous and real-time performance management system that benefits both the growth of the organization & its employees. A SaaS-based platform, Dockabl provides a unique value proposition to various stakeholders, alike (employees, managers, project leaders, HR process owners, and CEOs). Porter, Holidayme, AirSeva, Rentomojo, Bajaj Finserv Health, Bajaj Finserv Direct, SHOPX, Samunnati, Air Seva are a few of the notable companies that are already using Dockabl. The platform works effectively for all sizes of organizations ranging from start-ups to large conglomerates.

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