German lifestyle brand Carrera launches premium range of professional hairdryers

New Delhi, 24th August 2020: Leading German personal care and lifestyle brand Carrera has launched a range of premium quality professional hair dryers named Carrera hair dryer No. 531, 532 and 631. The hair dryers allow users to get a salon-like look at the comfort of their homes or while on-the-move. Unlike other similar products in the market, Carrera has paid special attention to make hair drying a healthy process for hair, avoiding dryness or breakage.

Carrera hair dryer No. 531

Carrera hair dryer No. 531 is designed to keep hair softer, shinier, and healthier. More than often, the idea of blow-drying hair is scary for most people as the process leaves them with frizzy hair charged with static electricity. But with premium quality Carrera hair Dryer No. 531 that will be history. The dryer comes with a tribune that supports shovels to move air through with high intensity. With every rotation of the tribune, more amount of hot air is produced. But how does it help in keeping the smoothness intact? Well, the Carrera hair dryer No. 531 comes with a ceramic coating that blocks the heat spots that are the main culprits of drying out hair. It is also permanently ionized. To further enhance the user experience, this dryer comes infused with argan oil. Every hot air wave released from the dryer’s ceramic nozzle is emulsified with the oil. The benefits of vitamin E rich argan oil in providing and locking the moisture of hair (as well as skin) is well known and proven. The combination of hot air and oil particles allow users to have much smoother and gentler hair. The MRP of Carrera hair dryer No. 531 is Rs 5990, and is available on Amazon at a special price of Rs 3990.

Carrera hairdryer No. 531 min



Carrera hair dryer No. 532

Can you get salon-like hairstyling on-the-move? With Carrera hair dryer No. 532, the answer is yes! It is a compact hairdryer with so many features including ionization, dual voltage, an airstream enriched with argan oil and keratin, Cool Shot, and more. This hairdryer also comes with titanium and ceramic coating to block the heat spots from the air supplied to your hair. It has two heat and speed settings as well. It is extremely lightweight and super easy to carry around. Carrera hair dryer No. 532 comes with a foldable handle, so it requires lesser space in your purse or bag.

Carrera hairdryer No. 532 min

To make hairstyling efficient on-the-go, Carrera hair dryer No. 532 has dual voltage. It is given that electricity is not spread out evenly in the world and voltage plays a defining role in the durability of hairdryers. Hence, Carrera hair dryer No. 532 comes with dual voltage of 240 volts and 110 volts. You will not have to carry an extra charger, etc. to safely use your hairdryer across the world. The MRP of Carrera hair dryer No. 532 is Rs 4990, and is available on Amazon at a special price of Rs 2800.


Carrera hair dryer No. 631

Powered with an AC motor, Carrera hair dryer No. 631 is a wind machine. AC motor makes the hairdryer much more robust and apro device. Styling done with Carrera hair dryer No. 631 stays four times longer than the normal hairdryers. It weighs 984 grams but is worth it given the professional touch it gives! It is super comfortable to hold and use as it comes with ergonomic rubber elements around the handle. The airspeed of Carrera hair dryer No. 631 is stronger than a hurricane! Hence, it dries and sets hair faster for a long period of time. All this power is controlled and contained via a specially designed nozzle.

Carrera hairdryer No. 631 min

Along with the powerful air, it supplies your hair with a million ions and argan oil to lock moisture in each hair strand. One can switch on/off the ionizer as per the requirement. It provides moisture, prevents split ends and strengthens roots. Carrera hair dryer No. 631 is all you need to make your hair healthy and smooth. The MRP of Carrera hair dryer No. 631 is Rs 7490, and is available on Amazon at a special price of Rs 5490.


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