Intel 14th-generation CPU Meteor Lake tape expected to be released in 2023

According to various news sources & websites, Intel’s 14th generation processor Meteor Lake has been taped out. This is Intel’s first client product line based on small chips.

The source also revealed that the design of this chip was completed in the second quarter of 2021 and was subsequently taped out last month (September), and the official launch (release/mass production/shipment) time is in the first quarter of 2023 (Expected to be Meteor Lake-M).

According to previous reports, Intel’s 13th-generation processor Raptor Lake will be released sometime in 2022, which is slightly improved compared to the upcoming 12th-generation Alder Lake, and the subsequent Meteor Lake will be a fundamental change. In addition to adopting new process nodes, it is expected that there will be improved integrated graphics and small chip combination designs.

Meteor Lake is expected to be composed of three small chips, its computing chip can carry 16 or more cores, the SoC I/O part is located on another separate chip, and the iGPU is located on a separate chip, up to 192 EU (1536 Shaders).

In addition, Meteor Lake will also have Foveros 3D package and a 5-125W TDP design.

Of course, the current Intel 12th generation processor has not yet been released, and it is still too early to talk about the 14th generation. However, considering that Intel plans to regain the world’s leading position in two or three years, coupled with the process iteration and design upgrade of the 14th generation CPU, there has been a large number of users are beginning to look forward to this product.

According to Intel’s time plan, Meteor Lake series processors will compete with AMD’s Zen4/5.

Meteor Lake series processors will compete with AMDs Zen4 5 min


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