Leadership Platforms that are Leveraging New-Age Technologies

The corporate world is constantly witnessing rapid evolution in terms of trends, technologies, and skills. With the rapid transformation, the corporate sector is also witnessing massive job insecurities and competition. In this highly-competitive world, it is quintessential for organizations to adopt and integrate new-age technologies and tools to stay abreast in the market.

As innovative technologies continue to emerge and new talent brings along a fresh set of expectations and skills, the conventional functioning of the organizations is being tweaked. In order to stand out, leaders and organizations are re-looking at technology not only as a way to replace human power but also as a way to allow the potential of leaders and individuals to maximize organizational performances.

Here is a list of 5 Leadership Platforms that are aggressively leveraging technologies to serve organizational purposes more accurately and efficiently.

Leadership Platforms that are Leveraging New Age Technologies

Better Up

The BetterUp experience brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to deliver change at scale — improving individual resilience, adaptability, and effectiveness. Betterup creates hyper-personalized experiences for the members, and their interactive content, analytics, and real-time data also tracks progress and provide unparalleled insights for organizations and individuals.


Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a platform delivering sustainable growth by solving your biggest people challenges. Korn Ferry is the only organization consultancy to measure, evaluate and benchmark both skillset and mindset of employees to understand the talent you have and the talent you need to deliver sustainable growth. The platform also uses an AI-driven intelligence cloud for talent mobility, management, acquisition & strategy.



NWORX is a B2B SaaS platform used by professional development service providers or directly by enterprises across India, Europe, and Africa to improve the performance of leaders and professionals. NWORX offers engaging and effective leadership and professional development that is completely embedded in the flow of the everyday work of a professional.

NWORX has created the technology that blends best-in-class Leadership & professional development practices with the interaction design of a consumer mobile app. NWORX aims to be the category leader in Leadership and professional development addressing business challenges across Growth, Transformation & Future-readiness of the workforce. The services automated by NWORX platform democratize professional development, managing human ROI in business terms.



Infeedo was launched in 2013 with a mission to make the voice of millions of employees feel heard and valued. The company emphasizes two core values ‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Challenge with Empathy’ in order to streamline an organization’s performance and for the benefit of the employees. This is achieved by Infeedo through their product Amber who talks to employees about their feelings and on the basis of this data, she informs the CEOs and CHROs about those who are not happy and are most likely to leave. Amber talks to more than 300,000 employees now from 100+ organizations spread across 46 countries.


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