LG Electronics Introduces a New LineUp of Home Appliances for Indian consumers in 2022

NEW DELHI, April 21, 2022: LG Electronics, India’s leading Consumer Durable brand today unveiled the new lineup of 2022 Home Appliances which includes a range of Smart Home Appliances. Raising the bar with the new lineup, the latest products come with sophisticated designs to upgrade to a premium lifestyle. The 2022 lineup consists of new Stunningly Stylish Refrigerators – InstaView Door-in-Door and Frost Free Refrigerators, AI Direct Drive Washing Machines, Puricare™ Wearable Air Purifier, VIRAAT Air Conditioners, UV+UF Water Purifiers, and a new range of Charcoal Microwaves

Hyoung Subji – Director- Home Appliances & Air Conditioners said, “At LG, our objective has always been to provide the finest product offerings to our customers that aid their needs and lifestyle. Keeping that objective in mind, we are thrilled to introduce the new Home Appliances lineup for 2022. Today we are launching 270+ models which are designed to enhance ease of use and convenience for consumers. Over the years, we have strengthened our market leadership in Home Appliances by introducing Indian insight-based products with advanced technology. We have a vast range of products for consumers across segments and this year, stylish design will be a key differentiator for LG Home Appliances’ consumers. We are also introducing an innovative category “Wearable air purifier” that helps people breathe clean and pure air throughout the day.”

Commenting on the launch of the 2022 line-up in India, Deepak Bansal – Vice President-Home Appliances & Air Conditioners said, “At LG Electronics, we are committed to offering products based on consumer insights which make everyday life comfortable and healthy. Apart from functional usage, appliances are a lifestyle statement too and our product designers have introduced refreshing new-age designs across the range. Our new offering includes products with AI LG ThinQ® Technology. AI is the next frontier in technology which aims to make machines intelligent and adds comfort and convenience to consumer’s daily life. Being a leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, we have a responsibility to make AI more approachable to consumers and less intimidating. Health & hygiene has also become a key priority for consumers post-Covid. Our new products have inbuilt features like hygiene fresh in Refrigerator, inbuilt heater in washing machines for allergen care which cater to healthy living. 2022 LG Home Appliances’ latest product range including Insta View Refrigerator, new product categories like Wearable Air Purifier, AI DD Washing Machine, and Dual Inverter Air Conditioner are the perfect example of great technology and stylish design. We are confident our consumers will appreciate the better and healthier lifestyle these products will offer. We aim to further strengthen our market leadership with this product portfolio.”

LG Electronics Introduces a New LineUp of Home Appliances

LG has revolutionized the design of the 2022 range of LG Side-by-Side and Frost Free Refrigerators to elevate the user experience and add elegance to the kitchen. With a new flat design and loaded with metallic decorations, the new refrigerators are minimal yet sophisticated.

The new range of Frost Free Refrigerators is equipped with E-micom, users can conveniently control the temperature settings without opening the door, significantly reducing the cold air loss. With the LG ThinQ, users can control key features and access the appliance remotely from anywhere. The latest LG refrigerators also come with Smart Learner powered by AI, which analyses the usage pattern of the refrigerator and optimizes cooling accordingly. With the help of various algorithms, the latest range of LG refrigerators monitors the hourly, daily, and weekly data to deliver higher energy efficiency and long-lasting freshness for fruits and vegetables.

The new InstaView Side-By-Side Refrigerator now has a 23% Bigger InstaView Window for a wider view of what’s inside. Simply knock twice on the tinted glass and it will illuminate the inside of the refrigerator – letting the users quickly access your favorite foods & beverages. The New Dispenser with UVnanoTM keeps the nozzle of the dispenser clean regularly. It automatically reduces 99.99#% of bacteria from the water nozzle with UV Light so that users can get clean, fresh water every time.

The Frost Free Refrigerators also come equipped with an all-new powerful Hygiene Fresh air filter. As confirmed by TUV Rheinland, this latest technology not just eliminates up to 99.99#% of bacteria but also deodorizes and purifies the air inside.

Further, the new refrigerators are packed with features such as DoorCooling+™ to ensure quicker cooling than a conventional system and prolonged freshness of the stored food items. LG’s exclusive DoorCooling+™ technology significantly reduces the temperature gap between the inner part and the door side of the compartment with dedicated vents at the door side that allow effective cooling of the beverages kept on the door shelves.

LG has launched Air Conditioners Powered by AI Technology. The latest range of air conditioners will come with multiple in-built sensors and a superior varied speed dual rotary compressor giving optimal cooling by automatically analyzing the inputs from the sensors.

LG recently launched LG VIRAAT Super 5 Star Air Conditioners. The air conditioner comes with 5.2 ISEER ratings & improved efficiency by 11^% as compared to conventional 5-Star Air Conditioners with 4.7 ISEER ratings. LG’s early adoption of energy-efficient strategies will have a bearing on future energy use, providing reliable and sustainable energy access solutions to all the customers. Designed to use less power and reduce electricity bills, LG’s VIRAAT AC comes with a 35% bigger outdoor unit due to which heat exchange is optimized and it can operate in high ambient heat conditions while still consuming 11^% less energy.

To provide consumers with a comfortable yet hygienic experience, LG has introduced PuriCare Wearable Air Purifiers, which are equipped with a set of HEPA Filters, Dual Fans, Voice ON, IPX4 technology, and much more. The Wearable Air Purifier is an innovative solution for breathing clean and pure air without any hassles. LG urges consumers to go wearable, go digital and go in style with the seamless and ergonomic design of the LG PuriCare Wearable air purifier. These sustainable Wearable Air Purifiers are the perfect easy-to-use solution for pure and clean air throughout the day.

LG AI Direct Drive Series in Front Load & Top Load Washing Machine is equipped with AI Direct Drive Technology and LG ThinQ which gives better wash performance and makes washing convenient for customers. The AI feature in washing machines can recognize fabric type, and weight and chooses optimal wash patterns for better wash performance and fabric care. The Front Load has Direct Drive Motor with 6 Unique motions that enhance the overall wash performance and lead to less vibration and noise along with a bigger Drum capacity for heavy loads like curtains, sofa covers & bed sheets, etc.

The New Top Load Washing Machine range uses the best-in-class TurboWash feature with the TurboDrum™ to help save time, energy, and water while protecting their clothes and lowering their carbon footprint. It also comes with an In-Built Heater to reduce the allergens and bacteria from the clothes, improving the overall hygiene.

LG Healthy Microwave Oven boasts India’s only Microwave oven with Charcoal Lighting Heater and Healthy Heart Autocook Menu which offers a healthier and versatile cooking experience for the customers while retaining natural flavors and nutrition. LG Microwave Oven NeoChefTM series allows powerful & precise control up to (1200W), which ensures faster and more even cooking performance, unlike other Microwave Ovens. LG Microwave Oven comes with 401 Auto Cook Menu feature in the largest range, the DietFry™ feature lets up to 88^^% less usage of oil is a perfect treat for the health-conscious.

LG’s complete Range of Water Purifier is equipped with stainless steel storage tank, and the customer also gets an Assured Maintenance Package under which the cleaning of the water purifier is done digitally with a Digital Sterilization Kit. The water purifier comes with an Enhanced water recovery feature, recovering More than 60**% water. Expanding the health and hygiene portfolio, LG recently launched its first UF+UV Water Purifier. LG’s UF+UV Water Purifier comes with a heavy metal removal filter that removes 7 Heavy Metals and Virus Clean + Filter.

LG Matt Black dishwasher is the latest addition to its dishwasher range. Equipped with True Steam and Quad Wash feature, the latest model ensures sparkling clean dishes from every angle. Inverter Direct Drive gives quiet, efficient yet reliable performance. Easy RackTM Plus adds convenience by cleaning various kinds of utensils at one go also it is LG ThinQTM enabled.

Designer Series

Designer Series of new home appliance products designed with a focus on the interest of Indian consumers. The series comprises new Refrigerators, Washing machines, Microwaves, and Water Purifiers.

The series follows a beautiful design making it an appealing choice for every Indian consumer and resonating with the notion of Make in India. New LG Refrigerators include single-door and double-door designs offering features like Multi Air Flow, Moist ‘N’ Fresh, Smart Connect/Solar Smart, Toughened Glass Shelf, and Smart Inverter Compressor.

LG Washing Machine is a perfect amalgamation of unique design and most demanded features like Jet Spray+, Auto Pre-Wash, and Smart Diagnosis TM to name a few. Apart from this, the latest machine comes with an 8 Kg capacity and a 5-star rating.

This new LG Charcoal Microwave Oven model comes with Neo Chef Design loaded with key features like Healthy Heart Dishes, 360-degree MOTORISED ROTISSERIE, Diet Fry, 301 Auto Cook Menu, Indian Rot Basket, and Ghee in 12 Minutes.

LG Water Purifier comes with some great features like Dual protection airtight stainless-steel tank, digital sterilizing care, mineral booster, and In-tank UV.

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