Micheal Kors Access Gen 5E Smartwatches Announced at CES 2021 

12th January 2021: Powered with Wear OS by GoogleTM technology, the new Michael Kors Access Gen 5E smartwatches pack all the essential features, including health and wellness-related tracking, a built-in speaker for Bluetooth-enabled calling, and contactless NFC payment capabilities. The bestselling Darci platform debuts as a smartwatch this season, while the ultra-chic and sporty Michael Kors Access MKGO smartwatch receives a fresh upgrade with a new silicone strap to match the MK girl’s fashionable on-the-go lifestyle.

The Gen 5E Darci smartwatch takes on a petite design with a touch of sparkle, featuring a dazzling topring alongside a 7-link bracelet.

Priced at INR 25,995 the Gen 5E Darci smartwatches will be available in India from March 2021 onwards.

The aluminum case and silicone strap make for a sporty take on our newest smartwatch — a perfect pair with our latest health and wellness-focused features.

The GEN 5E MKGO smartwatches will be available at select MK boutique stores worldwide.

Micheal Kors Access Gen 5E women




The Michael Kors Access Gen 5E MKGO and Gen 5E Darci smartwatches are also equipped with our most essential everyday features including:

Bluetooth-Enabled Calling: Connect to your iPhone or AndroidTM phone to make and receive calls on your wrist.
Multi-Day Battery Mode: Choose between four battery modes to find the best option for your on-the-go lifestyle. Multi-day battery mode is dependent on usage.

Speaker: Get answers from Google Assistant, hear sound alerts for notifications, and play music directly from your smartwatch.


Gen 5E is equipped with features to make your health and wellness a top priority while pushing you towards your goals. Whether it’s ensuring long battery life so you can track your sleep, track steps or enjoy the benefits of tracking your estimated heart rate— the Michael Kors Access Gen 5E MKGO and Gen 5E Darci styles will support you every step of the way with our latest wellness innovations.

Phone App Updates: Design refinements, including a new Phone tile and the addition of contact avatars, allow for quick access to ongoing call status, previous call history, and improved overall usability. Both Android and iPhone users can continue to answer tethered calls right from their wrists.

Optimized Activity Tracker: Break a sweat without losing the charge with battery-saving workouts. The new Wellness App monitors real-time metrics and optimizes battery life by shifting power consumption off the main processor. Track the essential estimated health readouts you truly care about like heart rate, pace, distance, steps, and more.

Sleep Tracking: Track sleep history, monitor your restfulness, and set sleep goals. With Gen 5E’s ability to quickly charge (50 minutes to 80%) and enhanced battery modes, the watch can be worn all day and night. Charge while getting ready in the morning and go.

New Look & Features For Battery Mode: Updates include custom profile creation and a simplified design for easier readability. Custom Mode allows users to save an individual profile to fit their life (create a mode for workouts or after-work hours and more) and quickly access. To ensure extended battery life, the watch will prompt users to switch to Extended Mode.

Cardio Fitness Tracking: Cardio fitness level can be one of the best indicators of overall cardiorespiratory health and is often used in tracking long-term health. The new tracker shows an estimation of cardio fitness using resting heart rate and user biometrics (age, gender, weight) to display an approximated overall fitness level over time.

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