Microsoft releases preview version of Office Build 14527.20040

Microsoft recently has pushed the Office Build 14527.20040 preview update. This update does not add any new features, mainly to optimize the interface and fix bugs.

The following is the update log:


  • Fixed an issue where some row and column colors were indistinguishable in dark gray themes. This problem occurs in users who have enabled the Fluent UI Coming Soon switching function.
  • Fixed the problem that users reported that it is difficult to distinguish the selected tab from the unselected tab in the light theme. This problem also only occurs for users who have enabled the Fluent UI Coming Soon switching function.
  • Fixed the problem that the warning dialog box in the Excel macro language was not displayed in the correct type.
  • Fixed the problem of the number format used in the software setting data type attribute in the non-English version.
  • Fixes the problem that in some cases, the top row of the worksheet with the frozen pane may be duplicated.
  • Fixed the problem that the Japanese font BizUD Gothic was rendered differently in different Office software.


  • Fixed the problem that documents occasionally flickered or disappeared.
  • Resolved an issue where the referenced email could not be displayed correctly if it contained a long picture URL address


  • Fixed the problem of high CPU usage caused by the Shared Calendar function.
  • Fixed an issue where the delegate could not see the organizer details in the Scheduling Assistant.


  • Solved the problem that the submenu was opened in the wrong position in the slideshow.

Office Suite:

  • Currently, Excel has better control over input events, and users can clearly decide when to start PTP gestures.


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