MYn App launched in India to reimagine the contemporary social media landscapes

August 4, 2021, National/Bangalore: Bangalore-based Multi-Verse Technologies Pvt Ltd., has launched MYn, an indigenous application that is geared to reimagine the current/ contemporary social media landscape. MYn is a committed endeavor to elevate a consumers’ social media experience. Consumers can now discover, create, connect and communicate on a secure end-to-end encrypted system. Further, the app commits to creating a no advertisement environment reinvigorating the social media experience with irrelevant interruption. The app has been founded with the philosophy of enabling decentralized one-to-one conversations/ communication sans the share of vital personal information thereby ensuring/ establishing personal privacy remains at the heart of the development. Promising digital safety, the company has also put into action a 24×7 content & application monitoring and incident response team, one which has already effectively and efficiently protected many organizations in India.

The contemporary social media milieu offers a singular/ undifferentiated social networking experience. It fails to recognize that each consumer conversation/ interactions are unique to the social environment they operate in. Eg: Conversations in the personal & professional space need to be addressed on differentiated systems. MYn app thus enables multiple segregated personas in one social media application. The application enables alliances of like-minded users across various select personas created to ensure complete user control over information shared, managed from one primary account.

The ‘Persona’ feature (patent pending) is unique to MYn app as it helps citizens to create multiple profiles under one authenticated user. Each persona allows consumers to create as well as personalize content and communication relevant to these specific groups, like a Public persona for general use, multiple Personal personas for friends and family, Work persona for professional peers. The Live-Local feature, a geo-local profile aspires to engage and collaborate with local businesses and stores. The savvy UI is easy to use and supports seamless, secure data sharing within personas with in-app integrations of multi-media support that include video and voice data.

To further strengthen the social media experience in the country, MYn endeavors to empower the social content-creating community. MYn will engage and enable the content-creating community by providing them with a no-commission system allowing them to post their content as per the format of their choice. The app aspires to provide a direct-to-consumer approach benefitting the content creator by enabling them to own their content in its entirety and also the commercials/ revenue attached to the content.

Speaking on its launch, Mr. A.S. Rajgopal, Founder & Managing Director Multi-Verse Technologies said, “The social media environment of the country has dampened over the time due to various significant vectors like irrelevant information, a barrage of advertisements and unappealing content which has limited appeal. With MYn, we present to the country a refreshing opportunity to socialize and network in a cohesive manner while maintaining complete data privacy. We look forward to an encouraging consumer response by promising, creating, and providing a non -intrusive space for social interactions & content creation, online.”

MYn App is available for download on App Store and Google Play and also offers a secure, internal communication and collaboration system for enterprises and businesses.


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