National Doctor’s Day, 1st July- is enabling doctors to create content is enabling doctors to create content


New Delhi, 30th June 2021: Even before the pandemic hit India, was enabling doctors to create content that would resonate with social media audiences. It has trained 1000+ doctors with its unique mobile storytelling and social media courses.

The pandemic brought with it, a sea of misinformation being spread around while also exasperating cases of doctors being assaulted in most cases due to the aforementioned misinformation. During this time, doctors were not just on frontline in hospitals, they were also front liners on social media helping people with credible, trustworthy information.

If we say truly, doctors are the new content creators in the pandemic stricken world. Many of them are sharing COVID-related information in the form of dance, comedy reels, short sketches, monologues, experience-based stories, or vlogs.

These stories have got great traction on channels and also helped people in critical times with information like how to use an oxygen cylinder at home, what’s the process to get vaccinated, what diet to follow as you recover from COVID-19, and more.

“Our platform not only helps creators tell stories but also gives them access to a 24*7 production support and multi-platform partnerships so that their stories can reach a higher audience. One of the most popular communities on our platform is on Health and during the pandemic, we actually saw interest in it increase even more with doctors turning into first-time content creators to give the public access to the right and credible information. We also saw amazing content coming from nurses, sanitation workers, ASHA workers, ambulance drivers, COVID survivors, and more people.” said Tamseel Hussain, Founder & CEO –

“The idea was always to disseminate accurate information even from a remote part of the country where I am located. I was so glad that my content was able to help patients be well informed, even if in a small way so that they don’t believe on WhatsApp forwards and look for reliable information” – Dr. Abhishek Tandon, who is one of the active content creators on

Some of the COVID-19 shows by include the award-winning COVID Hero Project, Winning COVID-19, Testing Sahi Hai, Verify Karo, and Vaccines Work.

“I realized patients do not have the right information and there’s a gap between doctors and patients. Through my videos I tried to share the verified and authentic information to bridge this gap and reach out to large numbers of people.” – Dr. Harsha Sarawgi

Talking about the Technology used by , Tamseel said “We enable anyone with a mobile phone and a good story to enter the creator economy with the right training and courses. Not only that, our virtual studio also helps them create faster. The power of stories when existing experts become creators is immense. These are fact-checked, backed by strong data and knowledge. These stories, when told in multiple languages and distributed in communities that COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the most, can create a layer of trusted, verified information that might have been missing from the ecosystem before.”

“I was overwhelmed by the responses my videos with got during the second wave of the pandemic. We hit over 50 million views on various platforms and even if a small part of those viewers applied the correct information shared in their lives – how great is that!” said Dr. Sparsh Kumar, another creator who went viral via the platform.



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