Peak Performer launches a leadership development app for managers, to help them scale in their organizations

Bangalore, 7 October 2021: Peak Performer is a tech-enabled leadership development platform that helps companies upskill managers at all levels. The platform integrates customized 1:1 coaching, continuous learning, assessment, and behavioral growth. The startup recently raised a pre-seed round led by Antler India.

Peak Performer announced the launch of its new app that enables a more intelligent and automated coaching journey, with continuous learning embedded at its core. The app introduces Micro-tasks which breaks down leadership development goals into manageable micro tasks over topics such as strategic thinking, effective communication, managing difficult conversations amongst others. In addition, managers can also access “on-demand” coaching with behavior psychologists, and receive actionable frameworks for specific behavioral areas or organizational challenges. Currently, the platform offers a curated marketplace of 150+ specialized coaches across various verticals.

By breaking down personal insights into detailed, manageable micro-tasks that are available and completed outside coaching hours, and inbuilt tools like Progress Measurement, Scheduling, and Messaging, Peak Performer aims to turbo-charge 1:1 coaching for deeper impact and a continuous learning experience. The app also allows managers to measure performance as they execute on their goals while helping align these to organization-level goals and outcomes.

To ensure the conversations between the coach and the learner remain confidential, the organizations receive anonymized and quantitative data to measure the efficacy of coaching while a comprehensive report is shared with the learners on the app.

Peak Performer launches a leadership development app for managers

Research shows that growth and development programs for executives are most effective when they are hyper-personalized to individual needs. Peak Performer seeks to close the skill gap in organizations by helping managers discover their strengths, as well as identify and grow out of their shortcomings.

Aishwarya Goel, Founder and CEO, PeakPerformer says, “We strongly believe coaching to be the core and starting point for all people development goals for an organization. We focus on an outcome-driven coaching approach, with learning pathways designed to deliver tangible outcomes. We’ve seen learners on the platform achieve 80% of their set goals. Within the first six months of the coaching journey, professionals are able to achieve a 12%-15% increase across skillsets like strategic thinking, shared vision, leadership, and effective communication.”

Trusted by people leaders at Societe Generale, CRED, UrbanLadder, Wingify, Omnivation, and other high-growth companies, the app is helping hundreds of people managers accelerate and future-proof their careers. Peak Performer is moving the needle from a need-based learning mindset to an interactive, holistic learning experience that boosts individual and team performance while radically reducing workforce burnout. In the near future, the startup plans to broaden its product portfolio, introduce more professional development modules, and scale the use of AI in intelligent coach matching.

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