Ramagya Mart reveals it’s Mission 100 with Ramagya Udhaar as it’s arsenal

With an intent to make the tectonic shift to propel and bring reality to the Honourable Prime Minister’s vision for the home appliances category, Ramagya Mart has launched ‘Mission 100.’

From the 1000+ Indian home appliance manufacturers listed on the Ramagya Mart portal, the research and analysis team shortlisted 100 manufacturers across 23 categories to fulfill its mission 100 objectives.

In a population of 140 crore Indians, the Indian consumer has a very limited choice when it comes to Indian home appliances brands which are available in the country. Mission 100 is a movement with an objective to make 100 Indian home appliances manufacturers into renowned and recognizable brand names within Indian households.

In order to make this a reality, acclaimed actor Randeep Hooda came forward to send a message to home appliances retailers, wholesalers, resellers, and distributors to encourage and promote this shortlisted potential 100 home appliances brands selected for Mission 100. Randeep Hooda was quoted saying, “ we have to encourage swadeshi products, which means Indian home appliance manufacturers have to be encouraged to make vocal for local a reality so that our country and our local businessmen become truly atmanirbhar.”

To facilitate the home appliances distribution network to buy from these 100 manufacturers, Ramagya Mart is launching its unique Ramagya Udhaar facility for these selected 100 manufacturers who had to qualify through the Ramagya Vishwas physical verification process.

Only those awarded with a Vishwas seal certification have been selected for Mission 100 and are entitled to this new Ramagya Udhaar facility.

Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, MD, Ramagya Mart said, “Ramagya Udhaar is a funding facility for products purchased by retailers, wholesalers, resellers, and distributors from these selected 100 home appliances manufacturers.

Ramagya Mart will be offering a 34 day, no collateral-based funding to the B2B channel partners for products purchased. This zero-interest funding is a tool to encourage transactions under Mission 100 but will be subject to the funded parties having a credible CIBIL score.

With the sentiment of swadeshi after our 73rd Republic Day and the viewpoint shared by Ramagya Mart’s brand ambassador – Mr. Randeep Hooda, we look forward to Indian customers and the Indian distribution network to encourage and make this Mission 100 a success by utilizing the Ramagya Udhaar facility to fund their purchases via Ramagya Mart.

The utilization of Ramagya Udhaar facility by the distribution channel will assist the Indian home appliances manufacturers with an immediate cash flow through us for better working capital.”


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