Retrospect Backup 17.5 Launches with Cloud Updates and Latest Apple Support

Retrospect has announced the general availability (GA) release of Retrospect Backup 17.5, which includes new cloud storage provider certifications and platform updates for Apple macOS, as well as performance enhancements to Retrospect Management Console. The enhancements ensure customers around the world can leverage the latest Apple technology and utilize an ever-growing number of cloud providers for off-site data protection.

Product Enhancements

Retrospect Backup 17.5 for Windows and Mac and Retrospect Management Console include the following new features:

  • Amazon S3 Virtual-Host Path Support: Retrospect 17.5 is now certified for Amazon S3’s new bucket URL style, requiring virtual-host paths as of September 30, 2020. Retrospect continues to support Amazon S3’s original path-style URLs without any additional configuration. Existing customers do not need to update their settings.
  • Cloud Certifications: Retrospect 17.5 is now certified for Alibaba Cloud, Webair, and Backblaze B2’s S3 API.
  • macOS Big Sur Support: Retrospect 17.5 is now certified for Apple’s latest macOS version: Big Sur, due out soon.
  • Apple Silicon Support: Retrospect 17.5 is now certified for Apple Silicon, the new chipset from Apple.
  • Improved Performance: Retrospect Management Console is now significantly faster and can handle larger Retrospect instances, making it the easiest way to monitor and manage a large backup infrastructure.
Retrospect news
Retrospect news

“We understand that businesses require support for the latest platforms on day one,” said JG Heithcock, GM of Retrospect. “Consequently, we remain fiercely committed to delivering just that.” He continued, “With this announcement, Retrospect continues to be at the forefront of delivering the most comprehensive platform and cloud storage provider support, which now includes macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon, as well as dozens of cloud storage providers. This provides our customers with the greatest freedom and flexibility to choose the solution that can best meet their IT, business, and budgetary requirements.” 


Retrospect 17.5 for Windows and Mac is now generally available (GA) and free to customers who have Retrospect 17. Retrospect is available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.


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