Samsung is ready to unveil innovative products designed to enhance users

Tae Jong Jay Yang, EVP & Head of Health R&D Team at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics in his editorial, shares insights on how Innovation, Connectivity, Collaboration Pave the Way for a Deeper Understanding of Yourself with Samsung Wellness ahead of unveiling of the new Samsung Watch.

Samsung is ready to unveil its latest line-up of innovative products designed to enhance users’ everyday lives, including updates that empower fitness and wellness routines on 10th August at 6:30 PM.

Here are some key highlights from his editorial for your reference:

  • Advanced Sensors for More Meaningful Insights: To create healthier habits and reach goals, we must know ourselves better, and this journey starts with Samsung’s groundbreaking BioActive Sensor. The BioActive Sensor delivers accurate and comprehensive health data and provides actionable insights and guidance that users can leverage during their health and wellness journey
  • First introduced with the Galaxy Watch4, the BioActive Sensor uses a unique single chip that combines three powerful health sensors — Optical Heart Rate (PPG), Electrical Heart Signal (ECG), and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) — into one compact unit. Its streamlined design enhances performance and fits comfortably for increased accuracy and 24/7 usage. This helps users deepen their understanding, encourages action and strengthens good habits to help them achieve their goals
  • The BioActive Sensor also measures body composition, which deepens users’ knowledge of their physical health, far beyond merely losing weight. The sensor sends microcurrents to measure weight maintained, skeletal muscle gained, body fat loss and body water levels relative to the goals set, helping users hit targets and keep track of what matters to them
  • Wellness That Spans All Devices: Samsung provides tools that allow consumers to track overall health and wellness — at home, in the gym, or on the road. The Samsung Health app, with more than 200 million active global users, is at the centre of Samsung’s health experience across an extensive range of devices, from smartwatches to smartphones to tablets and even TVs. The app is a holistic health hub that consolidates fitness, wellness and health data and presents them intuitively for the user to leverage and maximize results. The collected information is comprehensive, easy to understand and encourages positive action
  • Open Collaboration Means Better Health Experiences: To give users the best experience possible, Samsung has partnered with other leaders in technology and wellness. We have built a strong foundation with our technology, and we welcome collaboration on our open ecosystem — one that often serves as an incubator for exciting new applications, services and features. In collaboration with Google, we co-developed Wear OS and Health Connect so that more users can join the unified platform and take advantage of new services and solutions to meet everyone’s needs.



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