Sandberry, a Mattress Manufacturer launches its Online Mattress Store  

Press release: There are many big players now selling mattresses online. According to them, buying a mattress online may take a few clicks, but it is crucial to look beneath the sheets. Despite how they are marketed, many mattresses on the market are said to be remarkably identical. It is easy to put up a website, make a mattress and design a marketing campaign. For providing ease to the consumers in buying mattresses there are tons of new companies selling mattresses online and bombarding people with so much information about their products.

But all the different offerings might overwhelm consumers. It is the amount of information that is just too much. If you go online, not only do all of them look alike, but they are all talking about their not-so-different products. If I tell you that my mattress is special because it’s infused with magnesium gel, does that mean anything to you?

There are several big players in India like Wakefit, SleepyCat, SleepyHead, Duroflex, Kurlon, and many more jumping in this sector. But more or less, they have quiet similarities in their products and messaging. For example, if you take Wakeup, which is one of the newest players in this market, it has its entire brand including a website similar to Wakefit. Even Sleepyhead and SleepyCat have similarities in their brand colors, logo, and website. Kurlon and Duroflex have similarities. So, instead of helping people find the right mattress which is a basic necessity of life, they, in turn, get more confused and stressed in buying a mattress online.

In a world full of information and complexity, we are here to make your life a bit easy. “The mattress market is very unorganized currently, and most people are unaware of the correct process of buying a mattress online”. Said Sandberry CEO, Shetul Majithiya.

The pain points existing are:

1) Too many options: Most brands provide 100s of options to consumers. Customers end up buying what is affordable to them instead of buying the right mattress.

2) Expensive: If you buy a mattress in a mall or from a mattress store, the prices are high because everyone adds their margin. Online companies might sell mattresses at a much lower price, but the quality which they deliver is questionable.

3) Technology: We spend one-third of our lives on our mattresses, but most Indian mattress brands use outdated technology and processes. A lot of countries, such as the US, have moved ahead and adopted much better technology.

Sandberry a Mattress Manufacturer launches its Online Mattress Store


Sandberry Mattress, on the other hand, is a customer-centric company in this sector. It understands all the pain points customer experiences while buying a mattress online.

Considering a mattress as a basic necessity of life but giving a feel of luxury is what Sandberry brings to people. It has only three mattress options to choose from, and they are designed to address the overall solutions people need from the mattress. All the mattresses are dual-sided, which means they can be used on any side depending on how firm or soft the bed you prefer. So instead of offering overwhelming choices which only produce confusion, Sandberry’s product range is limited and designed for the Indian lifestyle. All mattresses are made of foam, but there are thousands of different varieties of foam. The denser the foam, the good quality it is, and Sandberry claims that it has the densest and best quality foam in its mattresses.

Also, being the manufacturers themselves, Sandberry innovates and designs mattresses according to the thoroughly researched latest technology and can keep on designing high-quality mattresses because they have a highly equipped mattress plant. Sandberry mattress prices are pocket-friendly against the quality they make. They have launched their products on their website as well as on Amazon. In case of any confusion in their pricing and sizing structure, they have a dedicated support team to clear all your doubts.

Visit Sandberry Mattress’s website and check out the easy-peasy mattress options that they have, and feel free to call their customer support for any questions. Why complicate yourself when there can be a simple way of solving your queries and needs!


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