Suraasa, a Teacher Growth Platform, raised $1.2 Mn in Seed Round

30th November 2022, New Delhi: Suraasa, a skill-tech startup focussed on preparing teachers for national and international career opportunities by upskilling them, has raised $1.2 million from notable investors. It has been founded by Rishabh Khanna (CEO, Cognitive scientist, and recognized expert in the global teacher education sector), Ankit Khanna (CTO) NIT alumni, ex-Smart Cubes), and Sahil Makker (Chief Strategy Officer, INSEAD & Thapar alumni, ex-Booz Allen).

The round was led by Inflection Point Ventures, one of India’s leading Angel Funds, and saw participation from NB Ventures from the UAE, SuperMorpheus from Singapore, Vinners and SucSEED Innovation from India. The established reputation and respected presence of Suraasa in India and the UAE brought in well-known names such as Manan Khurma (Founder & CEO, Cuemath), Kunal Shah (Founder, Cred), Kiran Karunakaran (Partner, Bain & Co), Anuj Saraiwala (Partner, Elluminate Ventures), owner of a large chain of schools, amongst many others in the seed round.

Speaking on the occasion, Ankur Mittal, Co-Founder & COO of Inflection Point Ventures said, “We are delighted to partner with Suraasa, which is working tirelessly to change the way people perceive teaching as a career. The team is passionate about solving this large problem to ensure every 21st-century child gets mentored by a competent & motivated 21st-century teacher. The solution they have not only aligns with the changes being envisioned by the National Education Policy in India but also fills the huge demand-supply gap for teachers internationally, including the US and other western markets.”

Suraasa a Teacher Growth Platform raised 1.2 Mn in Seed Round

Sharing his thoughts, Rishabh Khanna (Founder and CEO, Suraasa) said, “A report from the United Nations & World Bank shows a rising global shortage for skilled teachers which will reach almost 78 million teachers by 2030. This clearly shows a huge requirement of teachers and educators worldwide with no instant solution to this problem. Suraasa, the global teacher skilling and career management platform, will be a large contributor to solving the skilled teacher shortage by bringing together advanced technology, international mentors, and the best global teaching curriculum.”

Suraasa is on a mission to bring teaching into mainstream career choices by successfully developing skilled new educators and enabling existing teachers to achieve their personal and professional goals. Suraasa has impacted teachers from around the world, with many ready to testify about the invaluable role that Suraasa has played in transforming their careers and, in doing so, their lives.

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