Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers for 2022

There’s a reason why the most geography-independent segmentation of history is ‘the ages’ – stone, bronze, and iron. Once we had the right tools to build from these assets, our world changed. Now, the age is digital, and the right tool is SaaS. And while the right browser extension won’t help you invade your enemies, it’ll make your day-to-day at your marketing job (and hopefully passion) a lot easier.

Browser extensions have become indispensable in today’s digital working landscape – especially when it comes to digital marketing. Since most of the work anyway happens on the browser, it makes sense to equip your browser with all the necessary tools required for your trade.

In this article, Shriya Garg, Co-Founder, and CEO of ContentNinja and a veteran at content marketing share her list of top 10 Chrome extensions that every marketer should add to their browser ASAP!


SEO and Analytics Tools

Provided by SEMrush, SEO Writing Assistant is a much-needed Chrome extension for receiving instant suggestions required to modify your content to keep them in line with the best-performing articles. The tool is extremely comprehensive and provides solid information as well as feedback – all within the document itself. All in all, SEO Writing Assistant is your go-to tool for optimizing on-page SEO.


SEO writing min



With Serpstat, you get all the important page or domain data in one place. All the crucial information like top keywords, site traffic, load time, on-page SEO parameters, and much more, can be found on the central dashboard of the Serpstat extension. The visibility trend graph provided by the tool is amazing for monitoring the dynamics of the results brought by your SEO efforts.

Serpstat min


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a super nifty extension best used for researching relevant keywords and trends. It can be used for quickly scanning web pages and assessing various keyword densities. Further, the tool extracts keywords similar to the keyword you search for and provides all the important information like average CPC, keyword volume, competition score, and more. The “Add keywords” feature provided by the extension helps in building an expansive keyword list while you explore different Google search queries.

Keywords Everywhere min



SimilarWeb extension for Chrome provides you with all the insights and statistics required to study any website. All the important information like traffic, engagement rate, keyword ranking, page views, bounce rate, traffic sources, and so much more, are accessible on your browser just by adding this extension!

SimilarWeb min


Check My Links

Check My Links is a useful Chrome extension for helping you find broken links from your pages. The tool highlights the different links as valid and broken which saves you a lot of time in fixing the broken links.

Check My Links min



Sometimes, you’re skimming an article on some website and you spot the perfect anchor for backlinking one of your articles. The Sales.Rocks extension allows you to get the email address and LinkedIn profile of the author of the said article as well as the SEO manager of the company. That way, you can easily contact the people and discuss future collaborations without any hassles. can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in building contacts for guest posting, link building, and whatnot!

Sales.Rocks min


The Great Suspender

If you’re anything like the average digital marketer, you have more than 20 tabs open per 8 windows of your Chrome browser. Apart from killing your memory and attention span, this practice of hyper-multi-tasking also kills your RAM, which then reflects in all active applications on your system. With the Great Suspender extension, you will be able to “pause” the unused tab so that your RAM is always available for other stuff.

The Great Suspender min


Save to Pocket

Use the Save to Pocket extension to bookmark things you’d want to view or read later. Just by using the toolbar button, you get to save all important links and pages. Plus, this tool syncs seamlessly with your phone and other devices, too, so that you have access to important information at all times!

Save to Pocket min



Zest is a Chrome extension for turning your new tab window into a curated feed of top-notch marketing content to keep you updated with all the latest happenings. The extension makes sure that only the best of the content reaches your windows and your reading time is well spent.

zest chrome extension min


With that, we come to the end of extension recommendations. We hope you encountered some new extensions while reading this. Let us know which was your favorite out of our picks. Also, tell us if we’ve missed your favorite extension!


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