Top 4 HR Startups that are leveraging technology to revolutionize the HR Space

Gone are the days, when people were skeptical about integrating technological solutions into their business operations. However, now the tables have taken a 360-degree turn and people have reached an era where instead of people adapting to technology, the technology was being customized to adapt to people’s needs.

With HR professionals embracing digitization in full bloom, the concerns circling around this digital disruption have become blurred. In this rapidly advancing digital age, organizations have now actively started resorting to tech-enabled solutions to drive better business outcomes. As a result of these changes, HR technology is now not only restricted to speeding up mundane tasks but also enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction.

In sync with the emerging technologies, the below-listed players are dynamically disrupting the HR space with their tech-enabled offerings.

4 HR Startups that are leveraging technology to revolutionize the HR Space


Bridgentech is a boutique Contract to Hire Staffing and Solutions provider. Bridgentech has been offering solutions to the IT industry, backed by capable and skilled candidates who can deliver since 2018. However, they realized that even though there are strong demand and supply forces in the industry, the “right-fit” or “trust-based-hiring” is still evolving & there’s a lot it takes to make that bond happen. So they started looking beyond Job Descriptions and Resumes.

They serve businesses with talented IT professionals through focused and differentiated recruitment processes, Skill-enhancing in-house training, inter-cultural gap bridging, incubation, and international migration support, blended into one-offering tailored to the client.

Bridgentech sources top-of-the-line IT operations engineers in the space of cloud, DevOps, and ContainerOps so that one can deliver the application across any platform with unprecedented agility, precision, and care. They find resources that can help with data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence, etc, and assimilate it with scalable modern architectures and applications, thus maximizing its value.



NWORX is a B2B SaaS platform used by professional development service providers or directly by enterprises across India, Europe, and Africa to improve the performance of leaders and professionals. NWORX offers engaging and effective leadership and professional development that is completely embedded in the flow of everyday work of a professional. The company aims to be the category leader in leadership and professional development addressing business challenges across growth, transformation, and future readiness of the workforce.

The services automated by the NWORX platform democratize professional development, managing human ROI in business terms.


iXceed Solutions

A Talent and Workforce Solutions services company, iXceed is a service provider to Fortune 500 companies and primarily focuses on these domains globally: Technology, IT consulting, and Engineering Consulting.

The company uses Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions to create an in-class experience for both clients and candidates. Some of their clients are- Infosys, HCL, Oracle, Mindtree, NIIT, etc. It is co-founded by Yogita Tulsian, who is also its Director.



Established in 2018, InCruiter is an online recruitment platform based on SAAS in the B2B space. InCruiter provides an Online Recruitment Marketplace for recruitment agencies and independent recruiters to speed up the hiring process by 10x. The platform connects specialized recruiters with the best track records to the matching jobs. Multiple agencies working on a single job with a single point of contact make hiring fast and efficient. This in turn enables employers to more accurately hire with cost and time savings. InCruiter helps in finding you the best candidates in the shortest time without any hassle of phone calls, emails, invoices, and agreements from multiple vendors.


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