Top 5 startups launched in 2020 that caught our eye

Top 5 startups launched in 2020 that caught our eye

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It was on August 15, 2015, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the slogan of Startup India from the ramparts of Red Fort as part of his vision for a new India. Thanks to the much-needed push by the government and the actions of knowledgeable entrepreneurs, the Indian startup ecosystem is currently believed to be the third-largest in the world. While the call by the Prime Minister led to a spurt in the number of start-ups in the Indian landscape, with the Union Ministry of Industry and Commerce recognizing more than 27,000 start-ups as of February 1, 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the induced lockdown brought all activities to a near halt.

However, now as we welcome the year 2021, there are a few start-ups that not only launched their products during the pandemic-hit 2020 but also made their presence felt in a significant manner.

Here we take a look at five such start-ups that were launched this year and have already hit the glass ceiling, appearing to rule varied segments in near future.

Nanomatrix Materials

Launched earlier this year by a group of experts having over a decade-long experience in the graphite industry, the Jaipur-based startup is one of the few Indian companies that specialize in manufacturing and integration of wonder material graphene into applications and value-added propositions from across varied industries. The company has developed a membrane powered by a unique synthesis of graphene and silver after thorough research and development.

The membrane not just prevents but destroys SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. The graphene-silver composite, developed by the company is a collection of millions of microscopic razor-sharp blades with electric charges that rip apart bacterial and virus cells on the membrane. The membrane is breathable, washable, reusable, pollution resistant, and anti-odor.


Shift Freight

The founders of this movers and packers aggregator refer to themselves as Crazy-4, which symbolizes the power of collective team efforts. The company was launched earlier this year with an ambition of streamlining the functioning in the movers & packers segment, which is one of the most unorganized and scattered industries. The company was launched just weeks before the declaration of lockdown, but what could have been a setback was turned into an opportunity by the founders as they used the period to identify all gaps and plug them with the help of technology.

Shift Freight has already registered an MoM growth of up to 70% in terms of order and revenue and its total customer base is expected to touch 1 lakh by end of January 2021. A major reason for the swift rise of the company is that its services start at a nominal cost of Rs 1000, which means even the smallest of a consignment can be shifted through Shit Freight. Its modus operandi is based on roping in different localized movers & packers, allotting assignments as per a bidding process, and ensuring through dedicated managers that the end consumer does not have to worry from pick up to the last-mile delivery.



Launched by a group of young entrepreneurs in 2020, this startup boasts of working on a “mission to redefine the way businesses operate in India by showing them the power of the internet to build, scale and organize businesses in the coolest possible way”. With the advent of lockdown as small businesses were compelled to down their shutters, this startup through its app offered them to venture online in just 30 seconds.

All they need to do is enter their shop name, category of their business, and list all their products. Following this, the app gives them an online store link that can be integrated with different social media and instant messaging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The orders and delivery charges can be managed with ease through this app, which has already registered more than 2.7 million downloads.



Claiming to be India’s first social investment platform, StockGro lets one learn trading & investment and also discover compelling investment strategies. On this app, the users get a virtual currency with which they can buy different stocks. Its model is based on gamification techniques, thereby ensuring fun, knowledge as well as ease of execution.

Besides, the platform offers different free as well as paid leagues for the purpose. For instance, there is a league named Ace Investor, wherein a portfolio that performs the best is rewarded with prize money, just like it happens in different fantasy game apps. With StockGro, even a novice can build trading skills for the stock market and then trade without the fear of losing money. It also lets users interact with the best minds in the stock market.



This startup founded in 2020 by a 22-year-old entrepreneur who operates in the fintech sector, more specifically in the Insure Tech Sector. The most interesting feature on the platform is ‘Know Your Card’, which furnishes all information pertaining to the various hidden insurance benefits on a debit or credit card. The same is done in three easy steps – choose your card issuing bank from a dropdown, select whether it’s a credit or a debit card, and enter the card variant.

It then lists all the hidden insurance associated with the card, such as accidental, death covers, and baggage loss insurance. The details can be obtained from the website for free. They are also developing a wallet of their own wherein one could get collated information of all the hidden insurance covers provided by different cards. Also on the cards is a policy deconstruction algorithm wherein based on your existing plans, users would be recommended as to which insurance they need to invest in.

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