WIKA India drives Mobile Calibration Van to Bangalore

Bangalore, 21st July 2022: WIKA Instruments India Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Germany, a global market leader in pressure and temperature measurement technology has recently launched a Mobile Calibration Van for maintenance and repair at the doorstep of clients. An initiative, born out of a need to maintain equipment during COVID lockdown has been transformed into a value-added service by WIKA India to provide services at the customer’s doorstep, delivering convenience for service.

After the launch in Chennai, WIKA is now bringing Mobile Calibration Van to Bangalore city. The mobile vans will be located in strategic points ensuring that they cover every important location. This mobile van is suitable for large, multi-site companies who have lots of measuring equipment that needs to be continuously available 24 hours a day.

The Company has plans to launch mobile calibration vans in Northern & western India. According to Mr. Gaurav Bawa, Managing Director & Sr Vice President, WIKA India, “Post sales Service and Quality of the products are always the most important parameters for acceptability and dependence on any product. In our endeavor to give the best to the customers, we came up with the concept of mobile calibration vans—to take servicing to their doorstep, instead of them shipping the machine to us, which used to be the general practice.”

Mobile Calibration Van min

“COVID lockdown has taught us a lot. If you have a will, you have a way and that is exactly how these vans were born. Maintaining calibrations of equipment in industrial units is essential for effective production. These vans are equipped with a master switch that helps in calibration services without any displacement or damage to the equipment,” he added.

With the doorstep delivery of services through Mobile Calibration Van, customer can now book their appointments through various channels like toll-free numbers, email IDs & WebApp from the comfort of their office and home. These mobile laboratories can travel to facilities to calibrate equipment that needs to be available continuously (24/7), thus optimizing costs and shipping time. At the end of the calibration, a report is provided which shows a measurement error. It measures the value before and after calibration which helps the clients to determine the functionality of the device.

Mr.Bawa mentioned, “These calibration vans have been able to rule out any delay in transportation and helped us to initiate one of the best practices for WIKA India. The precision engineering market is expected to grow given the technology disruptions, and the call for services will also increase with it. We hope to gear up for the challenges through such innovative measures.”



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