WIKA launches PSM-630: An Automatic Heavy Duty Pressure Switch

New Delhi, 4th July 2022: WIKA India (WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd)—a wholly-owned subsidiary of WIKA Global (WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Germany), has recently launched the PSM-630 —an automatic heavy-duty pressure switch for applications like an air compressor and water pumps.

The model PSM-630 can also be used in industrial control, monitoring, and alarm applications. The switch point is engineered in such a way that it can be manually adjusted by the customer on-site and also adjustable for automatic cut-off within the prescribed range. The entire electrical system can be controlled by the pressure switch to maintain the pressure of the storage unit.

The instrument can switch electrical loads of up to AC 440 V, 16 A. The integrated relief valve (option) is used for depressurizing the pressure chamber of the compression piston before starting the compressor. With the manual On/Off knob, the contact system can be locked in the open position, irrespective of the process pressure. This helps to maintain the safety of the machine and workplace.

PSM 630

WIKA, a specialist in precision component manufacturing associated with Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow, & Force for critical industrial applications, has launched this Indigenous solution as a value-for-money proposition for Indian customers who are looking for world-class products.

Mr. Gaurav Bawa, Sr Vice President, WIKA India said, “PSM-630 is being launched in India after market research and alignment with the requirement of the customers who were looking for a flexible but safe pressure switch. This is one of the many products in the line that WIKA is planning to launch in Indian markets. PSM-630 is customized for the Indian market and we feel that its accessible design, inbuilt safety features, and versatile application options will find good market acceptance.”

“Apart from the unique safety features, PSM-630 works with both three phases and single-phase of electricity, and thus can be adopted in any environment. WIKA’s market survey has indicated that only 10 percent of the pressure switch market is being catered to currently. There is significant growth expected for the heavy-duty pressure switch market with the demand for precision equipment. The unique product aligned will market need will plug the gap,” Bawa added.

PSM-630 has an integrated relief valve to ensure a smooth restart of the compressor. This adds to the safety measures provided by the manual knob on the top which is easily accessible by the customers. Among the other safety measure, the switch cannot be easily tampered with as the process connection is done through forging or casting. The switch has a snap-action mechanism inbuilt into it—thus it stops automatically once the pressure reaches the defined particulars thus causing no side effects to the machine itself. Also, it is a single process connection that is threaded in four different ways for accommodating safety valves and other types of switches

WIKA India operates and manufactures stringent quality and environment management systems according to requirements of international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001). While its facilities use modern machinery, state-of-the-art welding equipment alongside helium leak rate detection and certified calibration and testing instruments towards ensuring quality control and least risk operations, WIKA India has NABL accreditation and is equipped with high-level primary standard dead weight tester, measure pressure controller and highly-accurate master gauges certified through DKD Germany. WIKA offers a worldwide network with calibration and service centers and promises to be a competent partner, certified by national accreditations bodies according to ISO17025.

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