Xsolla Web Shop to help game developers grow their revenue by 40% and expand globally

New Delhi, 27th October 2021: Xsolla has unveiled Xsolla Web Shop, a best-in-class solution with which game developers can expect up to 40% revenue growth and the resources to reach players in newer geographies previously unavailable to them. The webshop is essentially a unique mix of select Xsolla tools and services that allow users to add virtual currencies and items to their accounts, using their preferred local currency and payment method while offering multilingual display support. With these elegant solutions, developers can extend the life of their mobile and PC games beyond app stores and other platforms.

The launch of Xsolla Web Shop assumes much significance as it comes close on the heels of three recent industry-changing announcements – the Epic V Apple ruling allowing developers to direct users to other payment systems and bypass the 30% cut of in-app payments procured by Apple, the willingness of the tech giant to allow alternative payment methods and South Korea passing a law asking both Apple and Google to open their platforms to alternative gateways.

“Xsolla anticipated this seismic shift earlier this year, when we launched multiple products that are being actively used by some of the world’s largest game companies to increase profit and build closer relationships with their mobile and pc players. We’ve now combined these products and learning into an elegant new solution called Xsolla Web Shop,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla.

Echoing the sentiments, Anton Zelenin, Head of Game Commerce at Xsolla, added, “Through Xsolla Web Shop, we are helping game developers think about and scale their mobile games across multiple platforms to expand their business into new markets and to grow their audience. The opportunities are even greater, and we’ve seen amazing success stories from partners who have integrated this solution.”

With Xsolla Web Shop, developers can save up to 20% on platform fees even as they can reach out to players across more than 250 countries, allowing them to make required payments through at least 700 different gateways. Besides, the developers can utilize API calls to import item catalogs to Xsolla to start selling right away. The other benefits include higher retention of local players, online top-up capability, secured business ecosystem, built-in influencer marketing, and custom brand experience, among others. In addition to it, the Web Shop helps developers understand player behavior better with data ownership and insight into player preferences, thereby enabling them to conduct more effective marketing campaigns aimed at reaching new players and giving current players what they desire.

Xsolla Web Shop is much more than simply selling IAPs via a branded location that you control. This solution includes a wealth of benefits for developers and publishers from all over the world.


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