XtraCover launches BuyBack Guarantee for Refurbished Smartphones and Laptops

June 2023: XtraCover, a rising player in the re-commerce industry in India, has launched a Buyback Guarantee program for refurbished smartphones and laptops. This one-of-a-kind initiative is aimed at extending the lifecycle of electronic devices, thus reducing the amount of e-waste generated and promoting responsible upgradation of technology.

According to a report by the Central Pollution Control Board, India generates nearly 2 million metrics tonnes of e-waste annually, and this number is expected to rise significantly in the coming years. The Buyback Guarantee program by XtraCover aims to tackle this issue by enabling customers to sell their old devices back to the company at a guaranteed price.

We are excited to launch our Buyback Guarantee program, which is the first of its kind in the re-commerce industry in India. This program is a step towards reducing the amount of e-waste generated and promoting responsible upgrading of technology, said Mr. Sourav Gupta, CEO of XtraCover.

Under the program, customers can sell their old smartphones and laptops back to XtraCover at a guaranteed price, which is calculated based on the device’s age and value at the time of purchase. The program is applicable for devices purchased from www.xtracover.com and all refurbished smartphones and laptops in the marketplace are eligible for the program.

We understand that many customers want to upgrade to the latest technology, but this is a cause for concern when we talk about the environmental impact of their actions. With our Buyback Guarantee program, customers can earn while they recycle added Mr. Gupta.

XtraCover’s Buyback Guarantee program is a significant step towards promoting sustainable practices in the electronics industry in India. By extending the lifecycle of electronic devices, this program follows the company’s mission of contributing towards a greener future for India and the world.

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