2024 – The year to watch out for the growth of iGaming industry

Authored byMohak Arora Parimatch Brand expert

The iGaming ecospace across the world is going through a transformation and technological enhancement in the coming days is only going to make the industry more robust. As per a survey recently done, the global average for binge gaming duration is 5.1 hours daily with iGaming gaining more popularity with every passing day. While games are moving beyond being just a means of entertainment to becoming a source of income, and technological enhancements bettering the gaming experience, iGaming is only going to gain popularity and momentum for both gamers and game developers in 2024.

Going the mobile way

Slowly but surely there is a shift towards mobile gaming and this trend is going to only increase in the coming days. Gamers are playing their favorite games on the go, they want to use every time possible to keep their games on and hence are playing more on their mobiles and laptops. Gaming is no longer restricted to a particular device allowing gamers to play anywhere and anytime. This trend has been propelled by technological enhancement that is making the mobile gaming experience more seamless and engaging. Players no longer need a big screen to enjoy their games, the mobile experience is equally engaging and stimulating.

VR to make games more real

Technological enhancements such as Virtual Reality have taken the gaming experience to new heights. It has made gaming a much more immersive experience. The integration of VR into iGaming has made games more real, making them more popular among gamers. The global success of games such as PokemonGo is testimony to the immense power and popularity of Virtual Reality integration in iGaming. This makes the gaming world more real than the actual world and players like to immerse themselves in this VR-created virtual world increasing the popularity of iGaming by leaps and bounds.

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

With technological enhancement becoming the new normal, iGaming is getting more personalized with every iteration. Games today with the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are offering almost tailor-made games taking into account the personal choices and preferences of every player. Machine Learning is self-tutored to suit the liking of each player, and this along with predictive AI analytics enhances the gaming experience to a completely new level. Advanced AI algorithms will be increasingly used to create personalized gaming experiences and marketing strategies.

ESports to gain popularity

While all games are making a tandem shift from offline mode to online, all forms of physical sports are also moving online. Esports is growing into a booming global industry where skilled video gamers play competitively and this trend is increasing. Conventional sports like football, basketball, and cricket have seamlessly moved to the mobile space. The Esports industry is gaining popularity and this has propelled industrial giants to take a keen interest in iGaming and enhance it further.

Gaming gets more secure

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming more accepted forms of transaction in the iGaming industry. With financial gains making inroads into iGaming, gamers are taking gaming more seriously. This has also forced game developers to up their game and curate more engaging games while continuing to enhance them simultaneously. Crypto enthusiasts are attracted to iGaming mostly due to the thrill of gaming combined with the ease of secured money transactions that have become integral to iGaming. Strict regulations have been continuously enhancing security and transparency in transactions which is a great leap forward.

The year 2024 will be marked by further technological enhancements that will continue to make gaming more immersive and inclusive. With the number of gamers increasing by leaps and bounds gamers are turning towards technology to up their game and this shall propel unprecedented growth in the gaming industry across the world.

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