3 Day Conclave by GSLC & Rishihood University on Reformation of Processes in the Education

New Delhi, July 27th July: Rishihood University in association with Global School Leaders’ Consortium (GSLC) hosted the largest 3-day education conference on reforms and planning in education. The conference brought together more than 300 schools across the nation, along with top industry experts and government officials. The conference began with a networking dinner at Shree Jee Vilas Hotel on Thursday. The rest of the events were held at the Rishihood University campus on Friday and Saturday.

The main event began at 9.00 am on Friday with the lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana. The inaugural address
was presented by Mr. Sahil Aggarwal – Co-founder and CEO of Rishihood University. The chief guests at the conference were Mr Suresh Prabhu and Mr Savji Dholakia Padmashree.

The event was based on the theme of reforms and planning in the field of education and talked about New Education policy by the Government. Rishihood University aims to provide India a non-Left scholarship space committed to academic excellence, and bring up change makers who can think from the Indic perspective. This event added to the thought process and brought together thought leaders of the industry to talk about the reformation of education.

The institute had invited a host of illustrious persons from Education, the Social Sector, Academia, Media and public intelligentsia to deliver their thoughts on effective leadership, of which there is a gap in India, and how young aspirants can extract from the worth of education the desired outcome.

3 Day Conclave by GSLC Rishihood University on Reformation of Processes in the Education

Embracing the occasion Mr. Prabhu said “We are in an era where social media governs the life of people and it becomes our social responsibility to built a nation that can produce more Ambanis and Tatas rather than just being
employed under them. Education should aim at holistic growth and not just cost vs salary”.

Several panel discussions were held, such as ‘Learning for Tomorrow’ moderated by Dr Manish Jha and ‘Achieving
the Promise of Personalised Learning in Schools – Expectations and Reality’ moderated by MsAarthiMuralidharan.

The Keynote speakers at the event were Dr Ashok Pandey, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Surendra H. Kulkarni, Mrs.RevathySrinivasan, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat, Anirudh Gupta, Mr. Ajay Singh, MsAbhilasha Singh, Mr SiddharthRajgaria, Mrs. Amrita Burman, MrLobsangPhuntsok, DrChandraprakashDwivedi, Gen S.S. Nair, Mr AnuragTripathi, MrPramod Sharma, Dr. Skand Bali and Dr. Neeta Bali.

The conference included a workshop, a lucky draw, an open house and felicitations, knowledge talks, fun activities, a
musical event, and much more. The conference ended with the Inspire Awards ceremony.



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