4 Health and Wellness Platforms To Look Out For In 2022

The healthcare sector is growing rapidly in the Indian landscape, in terms of revenue as well as market share. Any business model in healthcare takes time to scale. If the value proposition is right, the scale will follow. An omnichannel healthcare ecosystem that combines a B2B and D2C model is sustainable and scalable over time. It also delivers better patient engagement as the business model relies on monetization across a variety of services of the ecosystem and not on discounts or aggressive marketing costs.

The growing market has given rise to many health-tech start-ups in India. The first wave of change that technology brought to healthcare was in the B2C segment. Now, B2B is ripe for disruption, and a number of health tech start-ups are leveraging AI, data analytics, and other advanced techs to make quality and affordable healthcare services available to corporates.

There is an enormous opportunity for digital health start-ups willing to commit themselves to the B2B landscape. The digitalization of the healthcare sector is just beginning, and there are plenty of worms for the early birds.

Below are 4 Health and Wellness Platforms

1) Visit Health- It is recognized as a full-stack Corporate Health & Wellness Partner with the highest level of employee engagement, and customizations at an organizational as well as individual employee level. It has an average sign-up rate of 75-80% with 30-40% monthly active users, even after years of implementation. The visit is Personal Healthcare Assistant to help you with all your health queries and a telehealth platform to connect to Healthcare Specialists.

The Visit App uses a data smart approach to engage and guide users throughout their care journey around the four wellness pillars: Physical, Emotional, Legal, and Financial. It drives engagement, repeat usage of primary care services & promotes habit formation through gamification & exclusive rewards programs called FITCoin that acts as a digital currency.

2) Kenko Health– It is a health insurer-tech company that provides comprehensive plans focused on OPD expenses. Subscribers additionally receive IPD coverage as part of the membership benefits. On average, almost 75% of an individual’s lifetime health expenses are incurred outside the hospitals, which are not usually covered by conventional insurance plans. Kenko is changing the old order of things by bringing in monthly healthcare plans that are economically priced to cover a wide range of expenses from doctor fees, medicine expenses, diagnostic tests, and even non-prescription products and services such as infant care, vision care, dental care, hair, and skincare.

3) TruWorth- At Truworth Wellness, they work on redefining wellness as not just being a state of physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing but also relating to it in terms of corporate wellness, engagement, and productivity. Thereby transforming corporate wellness into a clever business strategy for increasing organizational effectiveness. The state-of-the-art engagement platform, the wellness corner, enables users to access a variety of resources required to improve their health & wellbeing in a gamified, personalized, and data-driven manner.

4) Mindpeers- Asia’s first holistic Behavioural Healthcare platform to help people become mentally stronger. They combine personalized modules with therapeutic intervention to help enhance your mental strength. From features like Thought Guides and Emotion Modules to help you deal with failure, rejections, anger, guilt, or challenges in life, we also have certified therapists to help you deal with more serious issues like anxiety, depression, overthinking, etc.



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