4 Healthtech Startups Using Technology to Enhance the Employee Wellness Programs in India

Every professional field is progressing, and the healthcare industry has embraced the technological revolution in ways we had never imagined. Healthtech startups are redefining the modern healthcare industry and introducing some promising solutions to meet growing demand. The healthcare industry has begun to reap the benefits of digital technology, particularly AI, in a variety of areas, including medication development, assisting healthcare practitioners in decision-making, and increasing diagnosis and patient treatment productivity.

In terms of revenue and market share, the healthcare sector in India is rapidly expanding. The Indian healthcare industry, which is currently valued at $100 billion, is expected to reach $372Bn this year. This expanding market has given birth to a slew of health-tech startups in India. They serve various healthcare segments, assist with appointment scheduling, sell medicines online, and serve as the venture’s commercialized unit.

Here are 4 Healthcare startups that Using Technology to Enhance Employee Wellness Programs in India

4 Healthtech Startups Using Technology to Enhance


In 2018, Saurabh Kochhar and Dr. Naveen Nishchal established the digital outpatient care platform Meddo in Gurugram. Its goal is to make freestanding clinics into contemporary, full-service health centers that offer high-quality care at affordable prices while standardizing and modernizing services across all of these facilities. Meddo works with clinics to help them become full-service healthcare facilities that offer all patients a single point of contact for care. They also help to digitally enable the entire healthcare ecosystem using their own systems and technology. The company combines nutrition, lifestyle, and medical testing with a network of well-known specialists that have been carefully picked. The company’s mobile app allows users to check their health records as well.


Kenko Health

It is a health insurer-tech company that provides comprehensive plans focused on OPD expenses. Subscribers additionally receive IPD coverage as part of the membership benefits. On average, almost 75% of an individual’s lifetime health expenses are incurred outside the hospitals, which are not usually covered by conventional insurance plans. Kenko is changing the old order of things by bringing in monthly healthcare plans that are economically priced to cover a wide range of expenses from doctor fees, medicine expenses, diagnostic tests, and even non-prescription products and services such as infant care, vision care, dental care, hair, and skincare.


Visit Health

It is recognized as a full-stack Corporate Health & Wellness Partner with the highest level of employee engagement, and customizations at an organizational as well as individual employee level. It has an average sign-up rate of 75-80% with 30-40% monthly active users, even after years of implementation. The Visit is Personal Healthcare Assistant to help you with all your health queries and a telehealth platform to connect to Healthcare Specialists.

The Visit App uses a data-smart approach to engage and guide users throughout their care journey around the four wellness pillars: Physical, Emotional, Legal, and Financial. It drives engagement, repeat usage of primary care services & promotes habit formation through gamification & exclusive rewards programs called FITCoin that acts as a digital currency.



At Truworth Wellness, they work on redefining wellness as not just being a state of physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing but also relating to it in terms of corporate wellness, engagement, and productivity. Thereby transforming corporate wellness into a clever business strategy for increasing organizational effectiveness. The state-of-the-art engagement platform, the wellness corner, enables users to access a variety of resources required to improve their health & wellbeing in a gamified, personalized, and data-driven manner.


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