4 Influencer marketing platforms changes the face of brands

Getting the apt and marketing message to the target audience can be a daunting task even at the best of times. Social media has become a pretty common platform for brand promotion and thus it’s quite challenging to stand out from the crowd and outshine your competitor by using old traditional marketing techniques. This is where Influencer marketing makes an entry and changes the face of brands.

Influencer marketing is an active approach that gets your content to new viewers and fosters business growth. Influencer marketing provides several key benefits depending upon the brand’s requirements. Influencer recommendations or endorsements can help brands expand their brand reach and generate leads.

Below is the list of 4 influencer marketing platforms that are changing the face of the brands.

4 influencer marketing platforms that are changing the face of the brands


Wobb is the world’s fastest influencer hiring platform that connects marketers with verified social media influencers for paid and barter campaigns. Being one of its kind martech startups, Wobb is also recognized as India’s largest and AI-driven platform for influencers and marketers. Incepted in 2020, the startup is trusted by more than 300 brands and agencies and over 1 Lac influencers across the country. Since the influencers are present on the platform itself, Wobb allows brand managers to run and execute their campaigns in a record timeframe of 30 minutes. Right from hiring the influencer to launching the campaign; brand managers can do it all in the minimum period with the help of Wobb.


Buzzerati is a platform for influencer marketing, founded in the year 2016, by Samar Verma. It has a wide network of bloggers, celebrities, popular personalities, and more. This network spreads across all the social media platforms.

It collects and analyzes the data of top influencers, their followers, engagement rate, and more. This helps the brands to create appropriate messaging and find the best relatable influencer. This also enables them to create network campaigns.


Grynow is a leading influencer marketing agency in India, connecting brands and influencers. More than 50,000 social media influencers, artists, bloggers, and content creators are associated with Grynow for influencer marketing campaign execution. More than 200 top brands trust them for their brand growth and marketing.

Grynow aims to bring brands closer to their goals through “Word of Mouth” from the most influential figures today. Bolstered with effective strategies, they aim to make influencer marketing the most efficient and sort after the path in the marketing sphere for brands. They believe in the power of storytelling, and maneuver the same to triumph effective brand communication.


ClanConnect was founded with a vision to transform the digital marketing landscape by placing power in the hands of the brands and the hands of the influencer. The three pillars of technology, creativity, and people deployed in the best possible manner are what make ClanConnect the go-to place for all brands and influencers. The technology engine behind ClanConnect ensures that vast amounts of data are crunched in real-time providing end-users with the best possible insights to make completely informed decisions.



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