5 contactless technologies for safer workplaces

As we enter the unlock phase of the lockdown, workplaces will continue tasks with a totally new arrangement of needs. Customary sanitization of regular regions before shifts and staggered break timings while keeping up social distancing are among the standards in an overhauled rundown of working methodology in working environments.

While organizations need to work again to procure money, they will at present be cautious about keeping up social distancing measures. The significance of innovation is acknowledged in incredible greatness across divisions. Innovative new companies, maybe a couple of ones enduring this pandemic drove monetary slump.

Contactless procedures and safe removing measures are turning into the new typical basics because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is basic for ventures to execute preventive measures and remain maintainable as advanced change has developed as the new basic.

Here are 5 contactless technologies creating a safe workplace for you:

1.  Milagrow

Milagrow Humantech has deployed imap9, a floor disinfecting robot that can navigate and sanitize the floors without any human intervention at various places, including hotels, museums, hospitals, offices, etc. The robot moves around autonomously without falling, avoiding obstruction while planning its own path, guided by LIDAR and advanced SLAM technology. Milagrow’s patented Real-Time Terrain Recognition Technology (RT2RT) scans at 3600, 6 times per second to make a floor map in real-time with an accuracy of up to 8mm over a 16m distance. This enables the iMap 9 to perform successfully in the first attempt, whereas other robots can take twice or thrice the time. Additionally, the robot can do zoning, virtual blocking of avoidable areas, and sequential cleaning of zones based on specific needs.


2.  Zesta

Launched for the first time in India by Zestaindia.com, Wall Mounted Automatic Thermometer is exactly the product you need at your workplace. Gone are the times when you see a person standing with a handheld thermometer to check the temperatures. With Zesta’s Wall Mounted Automatic Thermometer, you can just install it at the entrances of your workplace and let everyone scan themselves with zero physical contact. This is most commonly used at the office, shops, hospitals, schools, malls, and other public areas. This thermometer is easy to install anywhere and comes with color code alarm, fast and accurate detection. Priced at 10,999, it is available at all leading online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.


3.  Candor

As the government has allowed various organizations to work with 33% workforce Candor TechSpace, managed by Brookfield Properties has brought in technology-oriented innovations to combat COVID-19 and to maintain a well-sanitized workplace. The employees from Candor TechSpace have come up with innovations like contactless sanitizer dispenser for hand-free sanitization and automatic sanitization apparatus by Mr. Baljit Singh, VP Operations Head of Brookfield Properties that enables sanitization of passenger vehicles, elevators, etc. These innovations are playing a very important role in ensuring hygiene and safety in the workplace.


4. Magneto Clean Tech

In order to fight the ongoing COVID crisis, Magneto Cleantech has launched an enhanced version of Central Air Cleaner which is co-powered by Filterless Magnetic Air Purification (FMAP) and Ultraviolet (UVGI) technology. This high productivity air filtration framework dependent on ‘Trap and Kill’ process consolidates with hostile to microbial UV-C beams which completely sterilize the indoor air by slaughtering more than 90 percent of airborne infections and diseases. It has become a pressing need given the possible airborne nature of coronavirus and air conditioner space being at a higher hazard for the spread of the infection. Magneto Central Air Cleaner consolidates the top tier innovation to free the demeanor of any hurtful infections and different particles.


5. Asimov Robotics

A startup situated in Kerala has built up a robot that can be utilized to serve food and drug to patients in separation wards.  The improvement comes when the nation is combating an expanding number of instances of individuals contaminated by the Covid-19 infection, a considerable lot of who require disconnection at medical clinics to keep the sickness from spreading.

Asimov Robotics says its KARMIbot can help diminish both the weight on social insurance experts just as the danger of them being presented to the infection.

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