5 Interior Design Startups Enhancing Customer Experience using Technology

The rapid development of technologies globally and their occurrence in everyday life has changed a whole lot of things from buying groceries online, getting a look and feel of a virtual home to getting local services like AC repair to booking a massage session with a click of a finger. A customer and the customer experience remains the most decisive factor in any business enterprise’s success. The use of the right technology can be an invaluable tool when we talk about the company’s CX.

The advent of booming technology like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, has really transformed the interior design/ commercial design space in leaps and bounds. It helped spotlight a concoction of innovative and groundbreaking projects.

Here are the top 5 interior design startups that are helping in enhancing customer experience by leveraging technology and really helping create advances to be at the heart of design decisions:-

Interior Design Startups Enhancing Customer Experience using Technology


Established in 2015, Flipspaces is the first tech-enabled brand that offers a full-stack solution for the design and building of commercial spaces. Flipspaces envisions to be the go-to brand for commercial design and building leveraging the proprietary tech. The proof of concept for the brand lies in the five million square feet of commercial spaces designed and/or built for renowned corporates, start-ups, MNCs, retail brands, and SMEs across sectors. These include marquee brands like BharatPe, BSH, No broker, Openmoney, Aditya Birla, InstaOffice, Oppo, P&G, Reebok, Royal Enfield, Razorpay, NoBroker, Bounce, and PlaySimpleGames.


Started with one mission – to serve the interior design needs of commercial establishments in Bangalore. Four enterprising entrepreneurs with backgrounds in design, technology, and finance lead the Company.
Our team of over 50 people consists of designers, project managers, technicians, and marketing and sales professionals. These professionals have served clients from diverse industries and business sizes. Together, we assist in exceeding their design and business objectives.


Livspace is an interior design startup that offers a platform that connects people to designers, services, and products. Founded in 2014, Livspace is now a trusted brand for complete home interior design and renovation for thousands of homeowners. The startup currently serves nine metro areas—Bengaluru, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai. It has a network of 20 design centers and experience apartments all over the country.


Homelane is a Bengaluru-based, technology-based home interiors service provider. Established in 2014, HomeLane has grown into India’s choice for on-time home interiors, providing personalized and professional end-to-end interior services. Through technological interventions, tech-empowered expert designers, and project managers, the company has built a community of over 20,000+ happy customers across the country, over the last seven years. HomeLane currently services 16 cities across the country through 27 Experience Centres.


Founded in 2015, Hidecor is in a quest to create energizing and bespoke office spaces that are welcoming to walk into and special to work inside. Hidecor translates workplaces into representational models of the organization’s vision, in line with the brand persona and employee convenience. Colorful and practical, creative and perky, the right mix of effervescent themes and efficient designs — that is HIDECOR’s code of creation for the new-age zesty organizations.



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