ADATA Launching Overclocked RAM to support Intel Xeon W processors

Taipei, Taiwan- India – March 16, 2023 – Memory brand and Intel-endorsed partner, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the first overclocked DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory module compatible with the latest generation of Intel Xeon W-3400 and Intel Xeon W-2400 processors.

Intel recently released NEW Intel Xeon W processors that will replace the previous generation Intel Core X-Series processors for the HEDT/Workstation segment. In addition to rock-solid stability and performance provided by Xeon W processors, Intel has added support for overclocking to optimize for high-performance workloads.

Therefore, ADATA leads the industry and is taking the initiative in expanding workstation applications by launching overclockable DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory.

In the face of increasingly large and complex computing operations and data processing requirements, the high-quality high-end hardware configurations and expandability exemplified by workstations can no longer fully meet market requirements.

Though the production of overclocked R-DIMM memory is a rigorous process, it delivers more uniform quality and offers better performance than standard workstation memory.

Multitasking efficiency and graphics processing are also significantly improved and can be applied to 2D and 3D graphics, simulation analysis, or movie editing.

ADATA DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory can reach speeds of 5600MT/s and utilizes SK Hynix A-die which increases bandwidth by 28% and reduces latency by 12% compared to native 4800 R-DIMM memory.

ADATA DDR5 5600 R DIMM memory

It is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities and is Intel® XMP 3.0 Ready in order to support easier memory overclocking on RDIMM memory, providing professionals with both high performances from high memory speeds and reliability from ECC RDIMM memory.

Furthermore, ADATA DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory features a power management IC (PMIC) to stabilize the power supply, as well as dual On-die ECC and Side-band ECC error correction mechanisms for complete end-to-end protection and improved accuracy during the data transmission process.

The high reliability and durability of ADATA’s overclocked DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory meets the stringent requirements of commercial workstations and gives professionals a wider array of options. ADATA’s overclocked DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory is expected to arrive on the market officially in 2Q23.

In addition, industrial-grade DDR5 4800 R-DIMM memory modules compatible with the Intel Xeon® platform are currently available for purchase.

ADATA will continue to research and develop the infinite possibilities and applications of memory overclocking to provide consumers and corporations with more reliable and professional memory solutions.

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