Adweb Technologies releases “PDF AutoSigner PRO” for Bulk PDF documents signing 

Press Release –Mumbai, June 2020

With the acceptance and insistence of digitally signed documents, Digital signatures used, which are issued by an authorized Certifying Authority, give 100% legal sanctity to all documents of trade and compliance, Adweb Technologies launches “PDF AutoSigner PRO”  PDF documents signing un bulk.

PDF AutoSigner PRO from Adweb Technologies aimed to ease the process of signing single or multiple PDF format documents. It is available for desktop or server environments and can satisfy the needs of every signing situation with multiple signatory profiles and multiple placements with excellent speed and can be e-mailed to a set of people, with time stamping and long signature validity options, using a digital signature, PDF Auto Signer accepts the inputs from any brand of USB crypto token device or any hardware security module storing multiple signatures. It also has a Built-in log to monitor signing activities and can be integrated with ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle for easy workflow using an HSM (Hardware Security Module)

With the broad-based adoption of PDF AutoSigner from Adweb Technologies, the requirement to send paper by courier or snail mail is over, saving time, money and the environment says Apurva Mody the CEO and founder of Adweb Technologies.

Features of PDF AutoSigner Pro

  • Automatically signs files in the background when placed in the input folder. Alternately, initiate signing manually with just 1 click.
  • Use Long Term Validation (LTV) signatures. If the certificate signing the document was valid, the signed document remains valid even if the certificate subsequently expires or is revoked.
  • Password-protect your signed PDFs.  You can set a different (custom) password for each file.
  • Use RFC 3161 compliant timestamps.  You can trust the accuracy of these timestamps on your signatures
  • Email your signed PDFs.  You can email each signed PDF to a different recipient.
  • Sign documents which are already password-protected. You can mention a different password for each input file.
  • Access log files for auditing or error reporting when signing.
  • Configure to retain a copy of your original (unsigned) file.
  • Use signatures on USB tokens, HSM, PFX files or in your computer store.
  • Sign PDFs with multiple signatures.
  • Customize the appearance and location of your signature. Add an image as well.
  • Select which documents to sign by specifying a pattern to match against filenames in the folder. Select which pages of documents to sign.
  • Generate your own digital signature (self-signed certificate) from the software itself.


Apart from this, the Adweb tech also focuses on cybersecurity solutions across all industry verticals. It has successfully built a cybersecurity practice in PKI, multi-factor authentication, attack surface intelligence, DNS Security, AI-driven API Security, network detection and response, secured MFT, and numerous other cutting-edge solutions.

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