AuthBridge and PumPumPum partner on digital onboarding solutions for used vehicle leasing

AuthBridge’s Digital Address Verification and SignDrive will power the digitization of customer onboarding, and documentation flows

New Delhi, 17 February 2021: AuthBridge and Dream Road Technologies (Pumpumpum) – a used vehicle-leasing platform, have partnered on identity verification, digital address verification, and electronic signatures for digital onboarding. This will strengthen the digital platform and enhance the efficiency in customer onboarding, verification process, and documentation.

AuthBridge’s AI-powered authentication suite with OCR-based data extraction will help create a hassle-free journey. With the industry’s first digital address verification solution, our partner will verify customer’s addresses in a contactless and remote fashion. AuthBridge will also provide other verified attributes for PumPumPum to expedite the underwriting and documentation process. Agreements will be digitally signed via AuthBridge’s SignDrive. The solution is fully compliant with the best data security protocols.

Sameer Kalra, Co-founder, and Chief Growth Officer, PumPumPum said: “We are happy to partner with AuthBridge on various digital solutions to make our onboarding process seamless with customer convenience. Digital address verification reduces the turnaround time with real-time address verification based on GPS capture and enhanced accuracy. SignDrive brings customer delight and complete automation with digital workflow and electronic signing solution over paper-based document process. As we embark on expanding our business with an increase in demand for a personal vehicle, AuthBridge solutions will help us to verify the customers, seamlessly onboard the customers, and automate the documentation process.

Pratyush Chandramadhur, Chief Business Officer, AuthBridge said, “We are delighted to be the technology partners of PumPumPum for customer digital onboarding. The pandemic situation in the country has increased the usage of digital platforms. With AI-powered verification technologies, proprietary databases, and API ecosystem, we aim to support our clients, to make every stage of the onboarding process smooth and fast.”


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