AVerMedia Launches Live Streamer DUO for Gamers and YouTubers in India

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, today announced the launch of BO311D, Live Streamer DUO for Gamers, and the next YouTube stars. The Live streamer DUO comes with a palm-size capture card and an award-winning Live Streamer Cam 313, the most widely recommended webcam by professional gamers and vloggers.

“We are extremely excited to announce the BO311D combo pack in India. Over the past decade, live streaming has risen from relative obscurity to the status of a cultural phenomenon. Likewise, broadcasting live videos content is becoming increasingly popular for businesses and gamers alike. Keeping the need of gamers and streamers on priority, we have launched Live Streamer DUO.” said Michael Kuo, CEO at AVerMedia Technologies.

Mr. Michael further added, “We at AVerMedia always aim to provide solutions that offer more value to its customers and we will strive hard to bring in more such quality rich products that can be easily affordable”.

Live Gamer MINI (GC311)

Live Gamer MINI is a pocket-friendly capture card that is powerful beyond its size. Its compact form factor allows putting it in the pocket and taking it with you to the next stream location as conveniently as possible. The Live Gamer MINI delivers 100% zero-latency Full HD pass-through, which helps to enjoy the gameplay as it is meant to be. It also comes with UVC technology which standardizes video drivers across Windows PC. All users have to do is plug the capture card into the PC and it’ll be ready for recording and streaming. Features like STREAM ENGINE let users record the gameplay backups using the 3rd party software directly to storage without putting any load on the CPU. User-friendly AVerMedia’s proprietary RECentral software unleashes Live Gamer MINI’s full potential with great functions like multi-stream, rich overlays, chroma key, and more.

Live Gamer MINI GC311 min
Live Gamer MINI GC311 


The Live Streamer Cam 313 (PW313)

The PW313 is a plug-and-play USB webcam that records at 1080p. The device is specially crafted to understand the different pain points of today’s digital world. AVerMedia has taken the best of what made the award-winning Live Streamer Cam 313, the most widely recommended webcam by professionals. The PW313 comes with two built-in microphones (mono) and a flexible, 360-degree swivel design. A well-thought privacy shutter provides users with peace of mind against the potentially prying eyes of hackers; the flexible mounting clip with rubber pads enables the camera to be mounted firmly either on top of the monitor or on a tripod. When the camera is coupled with CamEngine Lite – AVerMedia’s new lightweight, less system-demanding software that supports brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, and hue adjustments.

The Live Streamer Cam 313 PW313 min
The Live Streamer Cam 313 PW313  

Price, Availability, and Warranty

AVerMedia Live Streamer DUO BO311D comes with an MRP of Rs. 20,833/- and is readily available for purchase on Amazon and mdcomputers.


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