boAt launches their all-new Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 Trimmers

National, September 7, 2021

Thanks to the pandemic, personal grooming has seen a big change from salon to home. Be it face or body hair, the trimmer has now become more of a necessity than a monthly affair with your stylist. And with several self-grooming products available in the market, it’s pretty difficult to confirm quality and longevity. boAt, a lifestyle consumer tech brand recognized for being the leader in the earwear & wearable segment, is extremely happy to launch Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 trimmers. The new Misfit T150 incorporates smart features with a digital display that helps you with all the information you need concerning power, performance and maintenance. Misfit T50 Lite and T30 are built with similar performance blades and battery life of up to 120 minutes.

Aman Gupta, Co-Founder boAt exclaimed, “We are very eager to explore categories beyond audio. MISFIT by boAt is our newest and one of our most exciting projects this year and the reception has been excellent. Our latest Misfit Trimmers are for all those men who aren’t afraid of experimenting with their looks now and then. We will be introducing our range of personal and beauty appliances for women soon.”

The Misfit T150

The Misfit T150 is no ordinary trimmer. It is a next-level personal body-grooming kit that features new technology-driven intelligence that helps maintain itself while ensuring you get the best of what you own it for. The Misfit T150 is equipped with skin-friendly and corrosion-resistant Titanium-Coated Blades designed to offer a smooth and safe trimming experience. Get complete relief from any roughness, scratching, or irritation to your soft skin. The blades are detachable and can be instantly cleaned underwater or with a brush.

Ensuring that you look your best, the Misfit T150 is equipped with a 90-minute Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, which supports Fast USB Charging that tops up in under 1 hour. Now charge it using your smartphone adapter or simply plug it into your laptop, you will be ready to trim anywhere, anytime. And to ensure that you don’t be left mid-way, the Battery Indicator is at your disposal to keep you away from unpleasant surprises. And since it has a built-in Travel Lock feature, you can be assured you won’t be in for any unpleasant and accidental surprises.

The Misfit T150 cuts and trims with precision. Using the Titanium blades, its 40 length settings and 3 guided comb attachments, you can get a precision cut of 0.5mm, and a range between 0.5mm to 22.5mm. Be assured that you will get an even and defined trim for any look that suits your mood. And adding to the trimming length are Two-Speed Levels so you can choose to be precise or confident with Normal or Turbo Mode. Now you can have that perfect zero-trim or define your vibe with that cheek line, neckline, and those perfectly done sideburns in a matter of minutes.

Making you always look smart also means being smart itself. The Misfit T150 has a smart Digital Display that indicates everything from power, to performance and maintenance, keeping it ready for action when you need it. The digital display keeps you notified about the trimmer and its needs such as oil-filing prompts, battery levels, travel lock activation, and speed levels. The power is now in your hands with this grooming wizard — keep looking your best, always!

To make sure you have a lifetime personal grooming companion, the Misfit T150 is built to last. Sporting an IPX7 body that protects it from water, you can safely use it in your shower too. Wet or dry shave – you now have no option but simply use it.

The Misfit T50 Lite:

The Misfit T50 Lite is also a portable trimmer for those who require the best in hair styling. Featuring a long-lasting corrosion-free stainless-steel blade, the T50 Lite ensures you get the best of effortless grooming, trim after trim.

The Misfit T50 Lite also has you covered for an effortless look. Using its 5-level length settings and two guiding combs, you can get a clean trim ranging from 0.5mm to 12mm, depending on how you need to look for the occasion. And with its easy-to-use and ergonomic design, you can reach out to almost any difficult-to-reach corner and curve.

Additionally, the T50 Lite also features a safety travel lock so there won’t be any accidental switching on of the device. And lastly, there’s a cord/cordless feature that allows you to trim wherever and whenever you need it. The Misfit T50 Lite uses a standard micro-USB cable so you can charge and use it anywhere, anytime. Charge it or use it with any available USB port – a smartphone adapter or your reliable laptop and get up to 120 minutes of battery power for cord-free trim wherever you need it.

 The Misfit T30:

Get that Salon look anytime you need it. The Misfit T30 is yet another budget trimmer with all the bells and whistles of the T50. Featuring an ergonomic design to reach difficult corners and curves and four guiding combs that gives you 0.5mm to 12mm lengths, you can be ready for your business meetings or friends marriage within minutes.

The Misfit T30 also features corrosion-resistant stainless-steel blades that offers an effortless smooth cut without any skin rashes or itchiness for years to come. And lastly, the T30 also can be charged and powered using any USB outlet. Charge or run it directly from any USB port using a smartphone charger or your laptop and get your well-trimmed face ready for action within no time. The onboard battery can last you for a whole 60 minutes on a single charge.

These Misfit Trimmers start at INR 599 and go all the way up to INR 1299. Misfit T150, T50 Lite and T30 Trimmers are now available on Flipkart as well as the boAt website.


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