BOTm Launches in India – Planning to appoint Channel Partners in 4 states

BOTm is an entity of AQM Technologies, which is a Mumbai-based conglomerate, has launched its line of Testing suites in India. In order to carry out its operations, BOTm has started searching for partners in some major locations such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

Announcing the launch in India, AQM Technologies Director Madhav Bhadra quoted, “We are happy to launch BOTm in India, which we believe is an active market for Mobile application testing.” He further added, “India is moving at a rapid pace towards digitization and paperless currency, which means more banking & online transactions that lead to developing more mobile applications. Hence, more & more people are willing to adopt app testing solutions.”

BOTm is the flagship offering for truly automated Mobile Testing from AQM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BOTm has been launched with a clear directive to make Mobile App Testing experience a “Delightful Testing Experience”. As a service provider, the intent is to make businesses & App developers bring their apps to the interface market faster than ever before!

BOTm Launches in India – Planning to appoint Channel Partners in 4 states

Advantages of Using BOTm:

No Coding: No need to be a programmer or coder to become a mobile app automation tester on BOTm platform. You now get full stack testers within your team for a quicker approach to mobile app development

Farm of Real Devices: Forget emulators, BOTm provides real-time cloud access to multiple mobile devices, as per your choice, that you can access remotely for successful mobile app testing

5X Productivity: Increased productivity over 5 times by testing cases simultaneously on multiple mobile devices. 100 % script less automated testing feature for faster Go-to-market and enhanced testing accuracy every single time

BOTm provides 30-day free trial to test and assess the software after which one needs to buy a commercial license.



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