Cashaa launched personal accounts, providing an interest of up to 24% on cryptocurrencies

New Delhi, 22 February 2022: Cashaa, a crypto-friendly neo bank has announced the launch of its personal accounts with the yield program which enables users to store, buy, sell and earn interest without risking assets to unknown Defi projects. The platform has been providing banking services to crypto businesses globally, along with physical banking services in India through UNICAS. After offering essential banking services to businesses, the brand has launched the personal wallet to promote better earnings for retail users.

Through the new wallet, users can generate the best yield on crypto, stable coin, and fiat deposits in over 22 supported currencies. The users will experience the boon with superior yields and interest paid daily with no risk of losing their funds to Defi projects.

Cashaa personal accounts providing an interest of up to 24 on cryptocurrencies

“We are the biggest business banking platform providing services to the crypto industry. Today more than 400 crypto brands are using Cashaa including industry leaders from across the globe. Cashaa is a preferred banking platform for business in the crypto industry. Launching personal accounts with the best interest rates is an important milestone for us. We are taking another step forward in terms of finding a balance between regulation and providing benefit to the crypto community, and expect Cashaa to also do well as a consumer brand,” said Mr. Kumar Gaurav- Founder & CEO, Cashaa.

With the new user-friendly account, the brand has removed the dependency of any web3 wallets. Cashaa personal account will comprise two modules-

1) Flex Earnings up to 13% interest rate with no locking, the user will start earning interest as soon as they deposit the supported crypto in the Cashaa personal wallet.

2) Fixed Deposit Earnings up to 24% interest rate with funds locking period between 1 month to 12 months. Fixed deposits will be available for both business and personal users. Users will also get up to a 4% bonus interest rate on opting for Interest earn mode in CAS tokens.


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