CES 2023: TCL introduces its latest generation of Mini LED and QLED TVs

India, January 2023 –TCL, a consumer electronics brand participated in the recently held CES 2023 (Consumer Electronic Show). The company revealed newsworthy updates on the latest corporate initiatives, and new technology across its display, home appliance, and mobile categories.

CES 2023 TCL introduces its latest generation of Mini LED and QLED TVs

The company took CES 2033 as a platform to introduce its latest generation of Mini LED and QLED TVs.

Rolling out across international markets, the expanded, improved, and rebranded QLED TVs are now available in new large screen sizes up to 98-inch, featuring cutting-edge gaming performance, accompanied by all-new, award-winning sound bars offering cinema-quality audio to further enhance the TCL home theatre experience.

The XL screen engages many more Mini LEDs in its premium TCL TV displays. With at least 2,000 local dimming zones bringing high contrast and over 2,000 nits peak brightness to images, TCL’s light control algorithm helps reveal every detail in very bright and dark areas.

The home theatre category also revealed TCL’s 75-inch to 98-inch premium QLED TVs, featuring Quantum Dot Color Technology, local dimming, and stunning contrast. Gamers can explore TCL TVs with responsive low latency, motion clarity, and next-generation video gaming optimizations.

“TCL adopts new technologies to drive environmentally friendly manufacturing and with our global #TCL Green campaign, we wish to inspire more people to join us in protecting the environment and building a sustainable home. We also support gender equality and superior education for younger generations with #TCL for Her and more global campaigns” said Juan Du, Chairperson of TCL Electronics.

Within the smart home lifestyle category, the users can discover the 2023 FreshIN AC Technology, featuring the proprietary FreshIN Plus fresh air system that helps transport fresh air from outdoors to indoors. The upgraded FreshIN technology is more intuitive, with built-in sensors measuring air quality and displaying real-time results on a dashboard. Its powerful air engine helps increase oxygen and humidity levels with a capacity of up to 60 cubic meters per hour.

Besides this, the company also unveiled TCL 40 Series smartphones, including TCL 40 R 5G, TCL 40 SE, and TCL 408. Each device features enhanced NXTVISION display technology, a long-lasting battery, and 50MP AI-powered camera, that offers seamless entertainment all day and night. With the vision of 5G for all, TCL 40 R 5G packs a 7nm high-performance 5G processor to keep ultra-fast connections at an accessible price. Ideal for long journeys and commutes, the TCL 40 SE has a 6.75-inch screen with dual stereo speakers for immersive video and audio, and an adaptive 90 Hz refresh rate display for an ultra-smooth visual experience.

The TCL exhibition also highlighted upgraded NXTPAPER technology, as seen in the TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro tablet, which provides 100% more brightness than the previous iteration of NXTPAPER to maintain sharp visuals and further filter out harmful blue light to care for the user’s eyes. When paired with the TCL E-Pen, it has an amazing paper-like smoothness for writing or drawing.

Going beyond displays and the ultimate home theatre, TCL believes in creating an incredible smart connected full ecosystem where the evolution of home appliance technology, a continuation of accessible 5G technology, as well as augmented reality and full-screen personal viewing experiences all intuitively integrate to make users’ lives easier and better.

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