CoSoSys grows its support for the Indian BFSI sector

CoSoSys, a provider of data security solutions, strengthens its focus on the Indian markets, focusses on the banking and financial services sector (BFSI) segment. Understanding the priorities for the future, which goes COVID 19 and beyond, CoSoSys is dedicated to emphasizing its support for the Indian BFSI sector, as banks and financial institutions in the country embrace the Digital transformation where data security will remain a top priority.

BFSI has been most vulnerable during this complex period while working from home, considering the sector to be most sensitive to data breaches due to the financial assets and sensitive information involved.

Amid Covid19 crisis, CoSoSys has been supporting the BFSI sector globally, helping banks protect their sensitive information while working remotely.

Commenting on the plans, Mr. Filip Cotfas – Sales and Business Manager, CoSoSys said, “Financial institutions today are experiencing an unrelenting need to be flexible, secure and scalable across increasingly complex scenarios. Our company will continue to help its transition with our technological innovations in Data Loss Prevention security. Our solution, Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys, ensures that, in these times of crisis, companies in the BFSI sector keep their data secure and stay clear of data breaches and any potential fines from data protection authorities around the globe. We will soon offer several extra features for companies in the BFSI sector, adding banking and finance-related personally identifiable information (PII), protecting confidential information, minimizing data loss risk, and guide banks on best practices for work from home scenarios.”

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys is a cross-platform solution, being one of the few DLP solutions on the market to offer feature parity for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Organizations can, therefore, get the same features and level of protection for a computer regardless of the operating system it’s running on.

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