Deloitte hires Defence and Security industry expert to enhance managed security services capability and delivery across the Asia Pacific

Singapore, 6 July 2020 – Dwayn LYTHGO has joined Deloitte Asia Pacific (AP) to further boost our leading managed cybersecurity services capability and delivery in the Asia Pacific region.

Dwayn joins Deloitte in the new role of Managing Director of the AP Cybersphere. Prior to joining Deloitte, Dwayn was Vice President of Operations at NTT Security. He has also held leadership positions in SingTel and CSC, where he completed many projects; including transformations, maturity evaluations (Cloud, ITSM and Cyber) and complete security reviews of Government agencies, Banks and Insurance companies across Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa. He also established multiple Security Operations Centers across Asia. Dwayn’s full profile is in the Appendix enclosed.

In this new role, Dwayn’s key focus is to lead and develop the AP Cybersphere – the innovative evolution of our regional managed security services, providing an exceptional experience and value for our clients across the region. The AP Cybersphere is a virtual delivery centre incorporating regional Cyber Intelligence Centres (CICs) in Australia, India and Southeast Asia and positioned to align with the strategic cyber needs of businesses operating in Asia Pacific by further accelerating the scale, quality and innovation of managed security services in the post-COVID-19 “new normal” environment.

The AP Cybersphere will provide more opportunities for cross-border systemic innovation, such as advanced cyber analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in combating increasingly sophisticated cyber threats while enhancing professional and technical skills development programmes for cyber and security talent

Deloitte Asia Pacific Risk Advisory Leader Dave Kennedy, said, “The AP Cybersphere will enable Deloitte to redefine the quality, innovation and capital efficiency of managed cyber services across the region. Dwayn’s expertise and exceptional reputation managing cyber services for defence, government and enterprise will expand the capability of our Risk Advisory practice across the region and deliver significant outcomes for our clients.”

Deloitte’s Cyber leader for Asia Pacific, James NUNN-PRICE, said: “I am pleased to have Dwayn onboard our the Asia Pacific Risk Advisory team. He brings with him a wealth of experience and leadership skills that will take our clients’ experience of our already leading managed security services to the next level, and develop our cyber and security talent for the future. The launch of the AP Cybersphere builds on the investments we have made so far to help our clients at this critical time with the “new normal” post-COVID-19 with leading cyber capabilities in the Asia Pacific and beyond.”

Managing Director of the Deloitte AP Cybersphere, Dwayn LYTHGO, said: “I am delighted to join Deloitte and be part of its established risk advisory practice. Cybersecurity is a global priority as businesses and individuals are pushed to accelerate their digital transformation and consumption in order to thrive. It is imperative that fast, efficient, and cost-effective service is made available so that business needs can be swiftly addressed in today’s climate, and I look forward to helping meet these needs through AP Cybersphere.”

Deloitte Southeast Asia Risk Advisory Regional Managing Partner Mr. David CHEW, said, “It is our pleasure to welcome Dwayn to the team and we are excited that the AP Cybersphere collaboration will be led from Singapore. We will draw upon Dwayn’s deep expertise and the broader Asia Pacific cyber competency and infrastructure to enhance our managed security services in Southeast Asia to address the ever-evolving threats.”

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