Dreamcast introduces 2-Way Virtual Conferencing for Seamless Interactions

The leading Event Technology Company, Dreamcast has recently updated its virtual event platform with a revolutionary new feature called 2-Way Virtual Conferencing to facilitate seamless interactions between business professionals/speakers, host and virtual attendees. The functionality offered by Dreamcast enables attendees to exchange information and have free-flowing conversations in a virtually rich environment.

The launch of the new feature by Dreamcast is making headlines with its functionality of revolutionizing the attendee experience. The latest add-on to Dreamcast, lets you host virtual conference sessions, webinars & meetings with seamless 2-way interaction between speakers, audiences & hosts in an immersive branded environment.

According to the co-founder of Dreamcast Mr. Gautam Seth, the launch of the revolutionary feature is a step towards fostering meaningful connections in a digital world.

“We are committed to continuing our efforts and provide world-class features and functionalities to our virtual attendees to have meaningful interactions in a virtual event space,” stated Mr. Seth.

He further added, “We collectively navigated the possibilities of integrating the most useful, functional & promising features to our platform to engage attendees effortlessly and enable them to have real-time conversations.”

This exuberant feature by Dreamcast enables attendees to raise a hand to interact with the speaker in real-time. The audience is promoted on the main stage by the host to interact with the speaker. Event planners and organizers can utilize the 2-way video conferencing to enhance 1:1 conversations between attendees and speakers in real-time during the virtual event.

Dreamcast introduces 2 Way Virtual Conferencing for Seamless Interactions

Dreamcast describes its features as an effort to make networking seamless and convenient in a digital space.

” As technology advances, we yearn to keep our platform up-to-date with the latest innovations. The features are designed with a clear objective in mind to make the user experience seamless & convenient at virtual events to foster connections as well as engagement” said co-founder of Dreamcast Mr. Siddhartha Shah.

Attendees can benefit from enhanced networking opportunities and an immersive branded environment. The platform includes various other networking capabilities for flawless communications in real-time.

Dreamcast is the leading virtual event platform that continuously upgrades itself with the latest features, functionalities & tools to make the user experience very easy and seamless at virtual events.




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