Fijit- a destination for hypercasual mobile gaming launched its App for Android Users

New Delhi, July 10, 2023- Fijit, the premier destination for hypercasual mobile gaming, has officially launched its app on the Play Store for Android users. Fijit offers an ever-growing library of simple yet engaging games perfectly suited for those in-between moments in your day, whether stuck in traffic or just needing a quick study or work break. These games are quick to start, and easy to play, but challenging enough to hold your interest. With new, satirical, and topically themed games released every week, there’s always something fresh and exciting to experience.

Fijit is backed by prominent investors – All In Capital, Hashed EM, and 2 AM VC. Their app currently has 6 meme games, with two new ones about to be released very soon. In a world where technology often feels isolating, Fijit attempts to build a strong community. Their leaderboards, social features, and regular events give players an opportunity to connect with each other.

The platform is developed by Co-Founders Noah Martins, Laxman Desai, & Kartik Karia. Martins heads product & business, Desai is the tech lead, and Karia heads gaming. Last year, the 3 founders gained popularity on tech Twitter for their viral web-based play-to-earn games, starting with Flappy Musk, which was a hilarious casual game about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover.

Fijit the premier destination for hyper casual mobile gaming launched its App for Android Users

This game, along with 2 subsequent ones, went viral immediately, catching the attention of a lot of prominent startup folks, and even ranking highly on Product Hunt with no financial backing. Now they are bringing these to an Android app, with a bunch of unique social features, to improve the gaming experience even more. They will be going live with their arcade app on roduct Hunt on 11th July 2023.

Mr Noah, Co-Founder and Product Head, Fijit said, “At Fijit, we recognize the growing challenges people face today: heightened stress levels, diminishing attention spans, and limited time for immersive experiences. It’s no wonder that hypercasual gaming is the most popular genre of mobile gaming.”

He further adds, “Fijit offers a welcome escape from the demands of everyday life. We give people a chance to tap into their sense of play and wonder. To feel the thrill of competition and the joy of accomplishment. Our mission is to spread moments of delight to as many people as possible.”

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