Five emerging tech consultancy firms to watch out in 2022

Technology has changed the way we live, shop, and work and the technology revolution is continuing to transform everything about our lives. A robust technological foundation can help organizations increase their agility, productivity and identify new business opportunities. Technology consulting can be called many things, including IT consulting for business, IT services, and IT advisory.

Businesses use technology consultancy services to enhance their operations and improve their processes. These include many services like cloud solutions and security analysis, data strategy, and data health checks. This also includes IT infrastructure planning, customer Software Planning, disaster recovery planning, IT strategy planning, and many other services. Below are the top five tech consultancy firms:

Getafix Technologies

Getafix Technologies understands the requirements and complexities of businesses. Their customers expect a fast-paced and seamless experience while ensuring all data is secure. With this philosophy of usability and security in mind, they design and develop mobile and web applications for their Fintech, Banking, E-commerce, Retail clients.
Getafix Technologies comprises a team of highly skilled developers and tech experts, and they make sure they are always well versed with the latest technology. The apps they have built have Artificial Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Chatbot, voice command, and other modern technologies that help their partners truly achieve complete digital transformation.



They are an IT solutions provider that has expertise in mobile app and web development. In a couple of years, they have created a name for themselves in the industry. Their team comprises highly skilled IT professionals whose target is to provide top-notch yet cost-effective solutions to SMEs.

Trigma Solutions

Trigma is a leading IT company delivering innovative solutions in the fields of Web and Mobile Application Development to clients across the USA and India. They have a workforce of highly skilled professionals that comprise a team of 100+ technocrats, engineers, architects & developers.


Net Solutions is a digital experience agency that helps brands leverage design, engineering, and analytics to build consumer-focused products and platforms. As a software development company, they deliver the best of all worlds with their end-to-end agile development process.


Vates is dedicated to software development, testing, quality control, and R&D. Since 1991, they have been devoted to providing IT products and services to corporations and governments, always following the strictest quality standards.


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