Five startups making law simple, affordable, and accessible in India

Online legal services can be crucial. Lawyers help with everything be it from setting up a business entity, settling disputes, or reviewing contracts. But it is not like everyone has a lawyer on a retainer or if they have the lawyer might not specialize in the type of legal practice one needs for the business or personal needs. Here comes up the need for online legal services.

Legal Tech is a growing industry that uses technology to optimize or provide legal services. There are many purposes that new software can fulfill, such as reducing the cost of services, optimization of time tracking, document storage, making manual legal work easier, and elimination of security risks. It is not surprising that Law Tech is booming. Legal Tech companies develop software that may revolutionize the market or just make professionals’ life easier. Such innovations often deal with the newest technologies, like AI, cloud hosting, big data, or blockchain. Here are few legal startups that are modifying the legal space in India:

Lawyered: Lawyered is a legal tech initiative designed to change the way people interact with and within the legal industry. It has highly experienced lawyers and helps one to build relations with top-rated professionals to help throughout professional and personal journey. Lawyered believes that access to critical services like legal should be just a click away. The team is working to bring legal online, making it cost-effective, high quality, and accessible for all. Few services which Lawyered provides are solving the queries, arranging lawyers on-call, and book appointments.

NearLaw: Mumbai-based NearLaw founded last year by Vikas Sahita offers AI-based solutions for lawyers, law firms, and companies to search for cases. According to the founder, NearLaw’s deep tech capabilities are said to be the key differentiators that set it apart from the competition. Speaking to a portal, Sahita shared that NearLaw uses NLP technology to understand the relevance of CaseRanking.

Vakilsearch: Since 2011, Vakilsearch has been a one-stop solution for any business or entrepreneur looking for a lawyer, chartered accountant, or company secretary. It is instrumental in ensuring startups are fully compliant with India’s labyrinthine legal system. It is one of the largest online facilitators of legal services in India. Already serves over 120,000 customers and has a steadily growing network of over 1000 professionals from all the major cities (particularly the metros of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata) on its online platform.

MyAdvo: It was founded by IIT and Kellogg alumni, MyAdvo is a legal technology platform helping businesses and individuals. It has 10,000+ subject matter expert lawyers in 350+ cities of India. It provides standardized service levels, timelines & fixed price quotes, end-to-end support, timely updates, case analysis & analytics.

LegalKart: It helps to Understand, Evaluate and Assess the Legal Needs of its customers. Whether one is dealing with a case, doesn’t know what to do about a situation, or simply has a question, LegalKart can help. Its innovative technology platform empowers all kinds of legal topics and connects with experts.


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